Heart bypass and valve replacement

I was in hospital yesterday for an angiogram. Last year during a routine ECG pre cataract surgery, it was evident that I had suffered a "silent" heart attack. An echocardiogram revealed a problem with my mitral valve. Further tests now indicate that damage to my mitral valve is not mild to moderate as the echo suggested but moderate to severe with evidence of disease in a blood vessel. I saw the Cardiologist after the test and he said that he believed that bypass surgery and valve replacement would be the only option. I am to have a further test (transoesephegeal echocardiogram) before referral to a surgeon.

I am quite despondent about all this so I was wondering if anyone else had had the test, (TOE) and what was people's experience of bypass surgery and valve replacement.

Thanks in advance

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Hi my dad had TOE recently and then heart by pass surgery. He had a quadruple by pass 3 weeks ago. I think the TOE was like an endoscopy procedure of the heart. It is classed as major surgery so takes time to recover. He is doing well but is shattered. He needs complete rest. He is 70 and diabetes caused his problems in main. He does not have lupus. He was operated on his chest and whole length of his leg. We are pleased the operation has been performed. It took four hours and was life saving for him. It was the only thing they could do to save him. He had a major heart attack about 5 weeks ago and was in intensive care. Wishing you lots of luck with your surgery. Keep strong. Hope my post is of some help to you.

Renu Xx

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Thanks Renu, your reply is very heartening. I think they are going to take veins from my chest s which doesn't sound as bad as the leg.

I'll keep my fingers crossed for your dad's s speedy recovery


Hi maurice1

Unfortunately I suffered a heart attack November last year which led to bye pass surgery at the beginning of December. They took the vein from my leg which a lot of people find very painful but I was OK apart from a couple of minor infections at the top, which were soon sorted after antibiotics.

You will be tired and in pain after the operation it's a big opp but dose up with plenty of pain relief and rest. Do follow what they say about rehabilitation, walking and so on but take it slowly. I won't go into to much detail because we are all very different and with lupus thrown into the mix I don't think any of us will be the same.

Unfortunately I suffered a further heart attack in March and they think now that it is the lupus affecting my heart. In the process of dealing with cardiologist and rhumatologist to get the right treatment to prevent any further attacks.

In the end the pain discomfort and so on is well worth it because these operations save your life.

I hope all goes well for you and please let us know how you are doing.

Hugs and prayers

Karen ☺☺


Hi Karen

Did you have a TOE?

So even with the second heart attack, you feel that it was a worthwhile ordeal?

Last question! Was your first heart attack connected to lupus?

Many thanks for your loving support


No I didn't have a TOE, they are not sure about first heart attack but I did need a byepass, but the second is due to inflammation caused by my lupus.


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