6th Driving Lesson

Had my a lesson today at 7:15am. I drove myself to work. So much easier and nicer than getting 2 buses.

I did some parallel parking and then bay parking at the school. Had a few mistakes when driving. Did not do to well when had to stop on a hill for traffic lights to get going again.

Booked in next Thursday at 7:55 am . So much for a holiday lay in lol

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  • Keep at it LouLamb

    Dont beat yourself up about little mistakes at the moment.As long as you brush up,on them by the time you do your test that is what matters.

    Well done you .



  • Hill starts are the worst☹️ Try and get lots of practice 🚗

  • The problem was I stopped with the foot brake . I didn't get the biting point properly . He suggested that when stopping on a hill use the handbrake . It's easier to hear the biting point . Then I can apply gas at the same time as the biting point then just drop the handbrake down and go

  • Sounds right! Ive just been going through this with my son when he was home for holiday. Where he's living there are no hills so has had no practice with hill starts 😀

  • Well done LouLamb! Sounds like you are really getting there, and much faster than I did x.

  • The driving instructor said I've picked it up quite quick. It's just remembering what to do. I don't have any practice in between lessons

  • That's great for a 6th lesson! Well done you. Keep it up. I learnt as soon as I turned 17 and it took me two attempts to pass my test. But I have always loved driving and the freedom it's given me. Always been happy to jump in my car and visit friends and family all over the country. Many happy adventures have been had. So you go girl!

  • That's why I want to be able to drive for the freedom . To be able to do things . Even driving to work . Buses are alright some times but not every day

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