Finally have health ins and getting a colonoscopy in a month.( i am 53. Never had one done yet)

Is there any kind of reaction to the lupus body with this procedure i should be aware of? I am very nervous about this, and dont really want to get the procedure done, but my sister Did and polpys were found and cut out.

I am concerned about the drink i have to take too.


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  • Hello I had done one wasn't sa bad. Afterward I didn't have eneregy to get up I had to rest for around 40 min. Then I could go home.

  • Thank you Margaret. Good to hear.

  • Hello. I can't help you re colonoscopy but I'm so pleased you now have health insurance and things are moving forward for you. Brilliant news. I will be thinking of you. Please keep us up to date. Wendy x

  • Thank you Wendy. Although I was a little dissapointed in explaining my digestive issues and being disregarded. I did tell him I was takIng digestive enzymes and probiotics. He seemed to think that was fine. He didnt like the apple cider vinegar idea after eating or beofre bed.

  • hi there, i had one last year and they did an endoscopy at the same time. the procedure wasn't bad, but they knocked me out for it. had zero flare response to the procedure. it's really safe. glad I had it, tho, b/c they found barrett's esophagus which has been linked to lupus. now on a 3 year monitoring plan.

    the drink before hand, i won't lie, is really awful. but, i learned a trick from others: chase every few gulps with sucking on a lemon wedge. The sour of the lemon somewhat helps get rid of the taste. Prep the night of with about 3 lemons and cut them into quarters. no way I would have finished the prep without them!

  • Thanks for the advice Kat. I heard those drnks are nasty.

  • Don't be too worried, there's really nothing to it. You have to empty your bowels first and then just lie still and if you want to you can watch the procedure on the screen. To be honest, I didn't really feel much at all. It's all over pretty quick too. As Margaret said, you can rest afterwards if you need to then go home as soon as you feel ready.

    Good luck.

  • Thanks Georgie girl....i need my husband to drive me home, they told me. I think I had a lower endoscopy 10 years ago. And the gastro yelled at me because my bowels were not completely emptied. I responded with, thats why I am here. Things move slow through my body, if at all. He didnt know why I was there in the first place in my 40s. Ugh!

  • Honestly, some doctors!! I know that s l o w moving feeling, the things we go through eh. At least they should be able to diagnose you properly and get you on the right treatment if you need it. Keep us posted.

  • Hi Natura, I'm having one done on the 5th April and a gastroscopy too. I've never had a colonoscopy before and I'm not looking forward to it either, I'm more worried about the bowel prep than the actual procedures 😱!

    Good luck with yours. Hope it goes smoothly for you.


  • Good luck to you Too!

  • Follow the instruction to take the medication and clean your colon very well. It helps for the doctors with examination. The process is fairly quick and easy before you know it will be over. Arrange someone to drive you home afterwords.

    Good luck!

  • I had one last year and the sedation turned me into a comedian, I had the theatre staff in hysterics. There's nothing to worry about.

  • Thank you everyone

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