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Hi peeps,

I don't post on here alot but i do try to follow people's posts. I have hughes syndrome and sle. I am normally in good control but this year is a differrent story. I work fulltime and I normally exercise well and eat a reasonable healthy diet But the fatigue and weakness is not leaving me. I also take a lot of supplements. I'm struggling to go to work and just come home and eat and sleep! Its just depressing. Anyway has anyone tried acupuncture? had a session last week to find that all week the fatigue just went to an extreme level and my muscles feel so weak. I don't know if I should go back for another session. I was hoping it would make a difference. If anyone has had a similar experience please share.

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  • I must admit that I have had a similar experience with acupuncture. Like you, I usually have some control over pain and weariness but not for the past six months or more. I saw the Rhumy a couple of weeks ago and of course told him of my over welming tiredness. He sent me trotting off for bloods. The results have come back with my thyroid lower than normal and needing a higher dose of Thyroxine. Of course, that alone is leaves anyone exhausted and confused etc. It also highlighted that I am borderline aneamic - that's another tiredness factor that has yet to sorted.

    Anyway, the point I am making is it's not in my head as I thought it was. I wish I had asked for help months ago. I could have come on this site as you have done and got help. I hope you pick up soon as it's so exhausting and depressing but I'm sure you will be pointed in the right direction now. Xx

  • Aww glad you found a solution. My bloods seem to come back ok all the time. I saw the rheumy 2 weeks ago so he took some more bloods lets see of anything comes back from it. I have to wait for his letter to come home.

  • Hiya, I had acupuncture years ago and the first session wiped me out, after that it was effective, I would give it two or three more sessions. Everyone I know who has had acupuncture finds the first session very strong stuff. I hope it works xx

  • I was told by a doctor not to have any alternative meds because it's just not going to work and I will be wasting my money.

  • Ah, the wonderful wisdom of doctors! For 25 years the doctors didn't want to know and the only thing that helped me was alternative medicine. Then I was finally diagnosed when it was embarrassingly obvious I had lupus and the doctors medicated me to the point of having seizures and losing my job. Now I'm ignoring them and their meds and am almost recovered to the point that I can start working again. Doctors are often blinkered by the constraints of their arrogance and are working within a fundamentally flawed system. They have their uses but also their limitations.


  • So i had another session on monday and instantly after the session a headache started which turned into a migraine and i had to take the day off work the next day because i was vomiting etc. They say its all the badness coming out of my system but not sure I can cope with another session. 😓

  • Honestly, if you've had issues twice, I would not go back for a third! It doesn't work for you and that's ok. I had people tell me when I tried to go vegetarian and was getting very ill that I was 'detoxing' or 'not trying hard enough'. Turns out I have a soy intolerance. I ended up in hospital for malnutrition. Sometimes, all that supposedly 'healthy' things in the world aren't any good for us. Listen to your body, and I hope you recover.

  • Thanks thats what i was thinking too.

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