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Flare ups and monthly cycle


Hi, I was diagnosed with lupus and scleroderma in 2011. I have good days and bad days but find that the days leading up to and whilst on my period, I get the symptoms of a flare up. The consultant says that this is normal and has suggested that I don't have a break in between each month but every two. This can seem to ease the symptoms but then it hits me.

Does anybody else have the same problems or is it just me? I feel like I'm moaning when I say how bad I feel during 'the time of the month' when other women have to go through it too.

Also, has anyone got any diet tips too. I seem to have put on so much weight too in the last 12 months. I'm managing to work but don't have enough time to exercise as I'm always too tired to do any. I try to eat normally but with digestive problems, I sometimes eat what I fancy rather than should.


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I have a diagnosis of undifferentiated connective tissue disorder (likely SLE). I also have flares prior to periods and the first few days of. So I understand how you feel. I guess your I the combined pill when you talk about have breaks every two months? If so don't have any breaks at all or at least run three packs together.

Wrt diet. I have managed to control all my symptoms with diet which has allowed me to reduce my meds to 200mg hydroxychloroquine only. By giving up gluten dairy and refined sugar. I have gone down to a size 8-10. Gluten is implicated in all autoimmune disease. Tho there is some evidence that it may also be the glycophosphates they put on the wheat prior to harvest that may be responsible. So I avoid de glutenised wheat too. And all the pms symptoms have improved too. Cutting out the sugar means I don't crave it when I'm feeling awful now.

Thank you for your advice. I've got the rheumy on Thursday so I'll add it onto my list of suggestions.

I've thought about cutting out or down on gluten as I feel bloated a lot of the time too and taking laxatives everyday doesn't help with the problem. I look heavily pregnant some days. I need to look into this seriously. X

Hi Moominmomma

When I had flares before my period, my Rheumy Consultant recommended adjusting my steroids upwards for the days before and then when better to come down again and it helped a lot.

Hope that's helped. X

MoominMomma in reply to misty14

Thanks for the suggestion. Sounds like a great idea as I find that the steroids help. X


Hi MoominMomma,

We have a booklet about lupus and healthy eating which you may find helpful for your diet. You can download or view it at lupusuk.org.uk/diet-and-exe...

Please be aware that due to the very varied nature of lupus, diets that work for one person, may not work for another or could even be potentially harmful. Please always discuss radical changes in diet with your consultant before trying them.

Thank you for your reply. I will download it. X

Hormones seem to have a big affect on most conditions and I think that lupus is one of those. I have heard many people on this site saying about the correlation between there menstural cycle and flares. I am heading toward menopause and it definitely affects the amount and level of flares.

MoominMomma in reply to johare

Sorry to hear about your level of flare ups. The dr did warn me that they may carry on like this until the menopause. The things we have to look forward to! X

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