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Just feeling a bit snappy!


Hope everyone is well.

Just wondered if anyone ever feels like their mood is a bit strange... Not depression or anxiety as such, just more... Grumpy?

I had a stressful week last week and my wisdom tooth flared up and became infected. My back and neck are also killing and have been for a week. I've been at work this week but just feel like a need a rest. From everyone and from pain.

I don't know if I'm just having a moment, just feeling sooooo tired!

Love Nat x

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I can understand that. I have struggled in work today. Too hot and too much office politics! Shattered tonight and it's only Tuesday. I will battle on though.


I'm calling in sick today. I started this job in Jan and it will be the first period of sickness but to be honest everyone else takes time off for colds so I don't know why I'm trying to battle through. My neck is killing, my wisdom tooth hurts and i'm exhausted.


Hell yes, feeling grumpy far too often but usually after I have felt a bit better and then over do things. You know your grumpy but you just can't stop being so, which winds me up even more. Did too much last Saturday and am paying the price for it this week. Hope you feel better soon😀


Chronic pain can make you tired and grumpy. Are you getting enough pain relief? It always takes my husband to point this out to me as I think we all get used to pain being there.


The pain or lack of energy often leaves me feeling frustrated & grumpy, esp If I explain to people & they're just as demanding.

Reads like your body has a no of different things going on, Lupus related or not.

I hope if you need the time out, you're able to do this for you to focus on your current health


Thanks all. It's good to know I'm not going crazy.

Tinkey I'm glad you mentioned pain relief, I'm in a bit of a pain relief rut at the moment. For some reason I'm having real problems with my neck and back, buy doctors seem reluctant to investigate this type of pain as they say it's just due to posture etc. But it really is making me miserable. Thinking of trying a chiropractor?

I think this and my wisdom tooth has been enough for me this week haha, the antibiotics I'm on for my tooth (metronidazole) are also making me feel pretty rough.

Anyway, I took today off work and am resting up :) x


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