For the last month to six weeks, I've had persistent pain (along with other joint pain and swelling) in what I think is the peroneal tendon region, and half way up my outer lower leg from the ankle bone. It's very resistant to pain killers and I needed tramadol and oromorph to give any relief. It is now responding a little to the steroids the rheumatologist put me back on this week.

Has anyone else experienced this type of problem? I know Achilles tendonitis is not uncommon, but this is definitely up the side not back of ankle and lower leg. A most unpleasant symptom.

Any words of wisdom would be appreciated as it's affecting my mobility a lot.

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  • I do hope you are experiencing some pain relief with the tendinitis, I too have had problems for many years with inflammatory tendinitis in both hands,fingers,lower arms and despite having had tendon release surgery, I have had very little relief.

    Like yourself I too take tramadol, but get very little relief from them.

  • Some but not reliably.

  • Hi Rowan....I had a rheumatology appointment just last friday. I've had increasing pain in my right arm from my shoulder down to the elbow, I assumed it was osteoarthritis getting worse. Same pain from the top of both femurs, the right being worse than the left and they are painful to touch. The pain travels down through my leg. He told me that arthritis is not sore on touching and that it was more likely to be tendonitis and bursitis. He recommended using an antiflammatory gel to rub on the skin as I can't take it orally and he's prescribed a drug called Gabapentin to help at night...never heard of it but he said it would help with the pain. My right femur is burning slightly as I type

    I have tramadol and paracetamol and take those from time to time only when I'm fed up with the discomfort of arthritis. I get pain in my left heel now and again, its right up the back of my foot near the ankle, whether thats inflammation as well I'm not sure. The rheumy said he'd check antibodies in my blood tests, if there's anything there I'll be hearing from my gp this next week I expect if anything shows up...otherwise I'm not sure what to suggest. Ice packs may help, he advised those as well and rest..

  • Thanks. I take gabapentin anyway for neurological symptoms / neuropathic pain. Anti inflammatory diclifenac too, so little else I can do. I'll try ice packs!

    Maybe your heal pain is plantar fasciitis or tendonitis in the Achilles?

    Hope your pain settles soon.

    This is a new symptom for me too.

    Good luck.

  • Thank you. I forgot to tell the doctor about the heel pain....I have mild lupus as well and so pain comes and goes here there and everywhere. I'm hoping the gabapentin will help, I'm to take it at night as the soreness from the inflammation wakes me up...that and primary sjogrens..I get very tired some days....Great life if you dont weaken my mother used to say. I sure wasnt prepared for any of this. Hope you feel better soon xxx

  • It's tricky remembering what you need to know when so many boggles need dealing with. Gabapentin knocked me out first of all, but after a few weeks I could take it without extreme drowsiness. Good luck with it.

  • thank you x

  • I am well controlled at this time on Plaquinel but have had similar pain that would not respond to anything but steroids. I had pain going down the front of my leg from my hips to my knees and it felt like it went down to the bone, very painful. I still have tendinitis from my wrists going up both of my forearms if I use my hands much.

    I hope you feel better soon and know how the chronic pain can be so frustrating and limiting. Have you tried icing the area? I have been icing and using salon patches at times. Please check with your doctor but I have found sometimes these little things make a big difference.

    Hugs Tammy

  • Awe thanks too. It seems a common theme, that whist annoying is reassuring that others experience versions on a theme. Hopefully the steroids will help.

  • Rowan,

    It is irritating and frustrating but when having a chronic disease where your immune system attacks your own tissue unfortunately pain of many sorts comes with the territory. I am not sure how I would feel if I ever had a completely pain free day. After 10 years it would be strange for sure.


  • Hi Tammy,

    I used to get sick me reprieves in symptoms but the last four years things have escalated. Last year was a complete trial until I started azathioprine. Some things have to improved but stuff like this is new, so disease activity seems relentless at times.

    I'm glad I'm not odd to be in constant pain!

    I completely empathise the 'what would a day be like without pain?' thing. Every night I reckon it'll be better tomorrow and things will calm down .... good job I'm a patient person 😂😂😂


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