Annoying experience in nhs

I just got home from an admission. I had a flolan infusion which i stay for 5nights. This is not the 1st time am going into hospital for this infusion so am a regular in this ward.

This last infusion was horrible, the way flolan is administered the infusions is very continous. When one tube is finished it is replaced immediately and this goes on for 5nights. I was tossed around particularly by the night staff. On two occasions i lost 6hrs of infusion time. 1. Because the day staff handed over that my infusion should be replaced by 1.30am meanwhile my infusion finished by 8.30pm and pressed my buzzer told the support worker that my infusion had finished and they said they were coming. I waited and waited, by 12am i left my bed and i went to their post and raised my voice. I told them u dnt hold off a flolan infusion that long. That was when the nurse on duty said that her handover read the infusions should be put by 1.30am. I ended up having it by 12am.

2. Days later the night i had the same experience. 9pm i told my support worker my infusion had finished, she said she will tell the nurse, i buzzed again by 10pm and got the same reponse. By 11pm the nurse came with the night medication. I told i have been requesting for my infusion to be changed and she said she wasnt told. But that she was a bank staff and wasn't experienced with flolan so she will ask fellow nurse to help her. They came with my morphine and i asked them again when will i get my infusion and the staff nurse said very soon. Finally she brought my flolan by 1.40am. I was so furious and promised to tell my doctor in the morning. Both nurses came apologising, they said they were short staffed and are very sorry.

I was discharged yesterday but had to stay back because i started having bad chest pain. My drs feared angina and the possibility of a heart attack so they persuaded me to stay one more night for a blood test.

I woke up this morning and finger had pores in it. I refused to tell them bcos i didnt want to spend any more time in there. It was a horrible experience. I needed to vent my anger. Take care and God bless.



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  • That sounds really bad, Ijeasike. No wonder you felt angry; I would have been tamping.

    Sadly, it does reflect my own experience both when I was an inpatient. Hours and hours waiting for things to happen and no sign of a nurse.

    I don't know what we can do about these things, apart from make sure that we write to the hospitals concerned with our comments and suggestions (and use the political system to try and put things right, of course).

    Hope you are feeling easier now you are back home x

  • I will make a complaint but am worried about people loosing their jobs. All the same i need to talk to my drs about it.

    I am settled at home but my son had a bad ear infection and my mum is feeling poorly. We will cope by God grace. Take care and God bless.



  • Aaw Ijeasike,

    Sending you a massive gentle hug!

    Take care,

    Charliebear x

  • 🙁 This is awful, ljeasike: am dismayed! And very sorry to think of you having to endure all this. Am vvv glad you're home again. Sorry, though, that your all poorly: it never rains but it pours 😏....hope things are improving for everyone already

    I agree: your doctors need to be informed about the care you've received

    Lots of love, take care 🍀😘🍀😘 coco

  • Thanks dear am going for bulimumab infusion next week tuesday. So i will tell my doctor.

    Hope ur ok. Take care and God bless.


    Ijeasike xxx

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