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hi everyone its been a while . I do read all the posts tho ...just wondering if anyone else with lupus and sle plus the extras !!! . Have suffered from tummy problems . Whatever I eat seems to upset my tummy pains and well the other ..my family have a history of coeliac ..my mum has had it for years .i am just hoping it clears itself up ...i do know I always feel better when I avoid bread .. Just think us with lupus suffers enough .without the extras ...thanks for reading .

hugs Barbara .

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  • Barbara, yes I do suffer from stomach issues, just recovering from a perforated stomach ulcer, which was medication induced. Thankfully healing now, but it has been a miserable 3 months. Like you, I have developed an intolerance to dairy and wheat, I tested negative for Coeliac, so have rearranged my diet to gluten free, and stopped dairy. Interestingly I tolerate Goats Milk better than Soya. I should add, I have made the changes with the support and watch of my GP.

    If your symptoms are miserable for you, I would advise seeing your GP.

  • Hi! I have SLE/RA and also have tummy problems I was diagnosed with coeliac disease 18months ago. Had no Idea that I had this before a major episode that landed me in hospital. Then a year ago I was diagnosed with IBD/colitis which is bowel related but gives awful stomach cramps. Both are autoimmune conditions so I assumed it was my amazing immune system going into overdrive again.

    My gluten free diet helps both problems and as much as I hate the diet I have to say it really helps.

    Good luck hope your feeling better soon.

  • I have SLE, RA and Crohn's disease. They are all autoimmune disorders so get them to check your cal-protein level and CRP xx

  • thankyou for all your reply's .it is so good to chat with fellow sufferers who understands ...dont feel on your own ..x

  • Yes, I have been diagnosed with SLE and Coeliac disease. If your mum has Coeliac it means you have a higher chance of developing it as well. It might be worth while to mention it to your GP or rheumatologist, it is not uncommon to have multiple autoimmune conditions, unfortunately.


  • Yes yes yes. If I eat right good clean unprocessed foods and stay away from dairy and chocolate I do better but not a day goes by that I am not reminded where my stomach is with a pain or food backing up or heartburn. It goes along with the slow digestive motility. Also I have to eat small amounts and not right before bed. It's a struggle every day but if I eat right it helps. My best to you.

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