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tummy and bowel pain

does anyone suffer with tummy and bowel problems. i never did up untill i decome ill. i now have alot of acid and burning in my tummy, also very sensitive to food and medication. i can hardly tolorate any meds. my bowels seem to join in with my tummy with cramps,spasms, bloating and wind. any of this sound familiar.? does anyone else sruggle to tolorate medication because of their somach? is this part of lupus?

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Hi nerri, yes l suffer the same as you,I have SLE but l am on omeprazole for acid which burns my digestive system, it certainly takes care of that for me . There are llots of different foods l cant tolerate, took me a while to sort out which ones before l stopped eating them. The bowel cramps l know are dreadfull, l do take Buscapan which is very good, but when it gets bad my rhemy puts me back on Amytriptilyn, it is an antideprssant but has be found to really help people with this problem, one taken before bed time. When l take my meds l make sure l take them with food, so to try to avoid no come back. I do hope this will help, although l realise what helps me may not always work for someone else. But l do sympathise as it is so awful

Oh one thing that has worked for me that has helped my bowel is to only eats small meals but often, Good Luck X X X


thanks for the advice lucy-may, i also take omeprozol, which helps a little, the doctor has also tried me on two different anti spasmatic tablets, but for some reason they make the spasms and cramps worse, so no joy there. i have leant with foods that everything i eat has to be low fat and then it dosent cause as many bowel and tummy problems but other than that, findind out what helps me is a work in progress,

hope you are well

love and smiles

nerri X


Have you been tested for bile malabsorption?


I take lansparazole for my problem.I also eat small meals often and lots of small sips of water and try not to go hungry as this can cause wind.

and I avoid things like to much bread cakes biscuits.choc (All the things that are good for you ha ha )

A lot of people suffer from this Reflux and its not only Luppie people.

I also suffer from Diverticulitis so i would have that checked as well.

Good luck .


hi janiceray. thanks for the advice. whats diverticulitis, if you dont mind me asking? X


Its where when not eating enough roughage it builds up inflammation to the left had side of the bowel,it can be very pain full.

I don't know if I have put this correct so please Goggle it.


Hello Nerri

I too have tummy and bowel problems. Mine escalated after having salmonella. My SLE diagnosis is recent. When I found out, I put myself on a low GI veggie diet which I believe has helped. I eat regually, 3 or 4 times a day, hungry or not. Like Janice in the above post, I avoid breads, sweet and processed foods.

This week an increase in my plaquenil has caused stomach pain. I already take omeprazole with my morning drugs, I'm taking the second pill with live yogurt, ( and a meal) I have had less pain these last two days.

Just a note about the diet, I can't say with certainty that it has improved my symptoms. Because at the same time, I began taking prednisolone, I also got myself a great acupuncturist, acupuncture has given me great results in the past. Before I knew I was experiencing lupus symptoms.

Most importantly cooking and eating in way recommended for lupus has been a good strategy for me, I feel I'm supporting myself and being 'in the driving seat' in that area of my apparently ( hopefully temporary) unpredictable life;-)

Good luck


hi sebitha thanks for your advice, it helps to know that this is normal. i also take omeprazole which helps a little, as for my diet, that is my down fall. i dont eat much or regually as i feel so ill all the time. to eat when i am not hungry i really stuggle with. but if it works for you i am willing to try much harder.

glad to hear that you have had less pain over last two days, i hope it continues to improve for you.

love nerri X


Hi Nerri

I have bowel problems and have had numerous hospital admissions . I have just spent another 9 days in hospital. My problems are due to vasculitis caused by SLE. Have been on medication for SLE for nearly 6 months which has improved things but more fine tuning required !

Hope you are keeping a little better x


hi kirsty, sorry to hear you have been in hospital. i hope you are feeling a little better now. what is vasculitis? i dont understand much about lupus as i was only diagnosed a few weeks ago. maybe when i start proper treatment it will help improve things for me too. i have had a cause of steroids and now waiting to start hydroxy. so fingers crossed ay !

sending you love and smiles

nerri X


Hey Nerri

I get how difficult it is to eat when you feel unwell. Especially with stomach pain. Since having salmonnela I no longer get hunger pangs, over time I've discovered that when I forget to eat I get headaches, nausia, wind and bloat etc.

I think habits can be hard to change! Personally eating well is putting petrol in my engine.. (if I am to be in the driving seat, as my previous post) Another motivator was dreading gaining weight on predisolone. (Ive had a very immobile summer & got heavier) Low GI is used as a weight reduction diet. I'm not that strict with myself, I began by making small changes, like porridge in the morning. Tried a few online recipies, then bought a book (Rose Elliot - £10) I am coming to the end of a 3 mnth course of Pred and have lost 2k, have less bloat so i'm more comfortable ( and get out of my PJ's more ;-) I feel I am taking positive action towards learning how to take care of myself on a whole new (lupus)level.

I don't know if that is useful to you, but I hope so.



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