I've just been diagnosed with systemic lupus and am 44 years old. It all started with terrible aching in both muscles and joints and as quick as it came it would go to another part of my body. Skin was bad too and a terrible corn beef looking rash on my legs and arms. Having lots of tests to make sure it hasn't effected any other parts of my body. Just developed s terrible tickle cough and sore throats nothing else just those but my work colleague has a terrible cold so hope it's just that. Always feel tired too xxx

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  • Hi Naomi

    Welcome to the forum, hope you enjoy being here. Had you been ill a long time?. Having a diagnosis of lupus is a big thing to adjust to do take your time!. Lots of TLC, specially as your unwell. Have you been put on any treatment?. Hopefully that will start to work soon to help you. We are the same age so I know how you feel!.

    Take CareX

  • I'm on hydroxychloroquine for nearly 2 months my. CoNsultant told me it would take 2 months to get into my system xxx it's just this terrible dry. Cough is wearing me down 🤕xxx

  • Hi Naomi

    Have you had cough checked by GP?. Might be good idea to. X

  • I'm going to call my consultant on Monday as the doctor likes me to go straight there now she is very good and lupus is her field xx

  • Great plan Naomi. Good luck. Let us know how you get on. Glad you have a good Consultant. X

  • So I had a terrible chest infection and now I have some antibiotics thank goodness 😅 I might actually get som sleep tonight xx thankyou for all your kind words xxx

  • Hi Naomi

    Thank goodness you have the right treatment now. Hope you feel better soon. Glad to help.x

  • It really took mine 4 months to really make a big difference. It was very gradual until then. Hang in there!

  • Hello and welcome. It's a shame we all meet under such sad circumstances but since my diagnosis this site has been my life line. The people here are wonderfully supportive and will help in any way they can. Lupus can be a lonely place, so this is where I come when I need to feel understood.

  • Welcome to the world of rest and roaming pain. I was about your age when I ask my friend if everyone our age had constant pain. She looked at me surprised and said,"NO" off to the doctors and a year later they figured it out by checking me for RA. You can live an average life span until its your time to pass to the next life.

  • Hello - stay positive and talking to people really helps. Hope it didn't take too long to diagnose. Sounds like you have a fantastic consultant which is always fab. If you have any questions happy to help/listen. I was diagnosed with Lupus at the age of 15. I haven't let it stop me doing anything for the last 15 years and i don't intend to in the future. I just ensure I know when to rest and in planning what I want to do make sure I have time to chill. Take care x

  • Welcome, Make sure you pace yourself. Do things in small bursts if you have to. And use pain meds before hand. Keep us posted, always someone ready to listen.

  • Hi Naomi72,

    Welcome to the LUPUS UK HealthUnlocked Community!

    Joint/muscles aches and pains as well as skin rashes are two common symptoms that are associated with lupus. We published a guide called ‘Lupus and the Skin’ which explains the different types of rashes that can occur when a person has lupus and the treatments available for the rashes which you can read here:

    Flu-like symptoms can be associated with lupus however this varies from person to person as no two people have the exact same symptoms. Extreme fatigue is a major symptom of lupus, we published a blog article early last year on ways in which you can manage fatigue which I hope will be of help to you:

    Wishing you all the best, let us know how you get on.

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