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A ? About Tracheitis & pleurisy: am on antibiotics now

Got a bad chest/throat/head cold with typical symptoms inc terrible continuous coughing fits bringing up yellowish green clotted phlegm (sorry folks) 3 + weeks ago - and all this is still going strong, so on Monday of this the 3rd week i saw my v helpful gp.

She examined me & said looks like tracheitis but maybe also be pleurisy. This has happened to me previous years too: a virus morphing into infections like these. So am on 500mg amoxicillin 3 per day for 1 week. Previously, I've had to take this Rx for 2 weeks to clear infection.

This is my first bad cold virus + infection since my le diagnosis in 2011. My ? Is:

the tracheitis diagnosis makes sense to me, from what I know about tracheitis symptoms. And I have to respect my gp's suspicions of pleurisy too, but my wrap-round lung/rib cage area pain is mainly really in my right lung/rib cage area (pain is worst on breathing deeply, and on reaching up with right arm.) So, can anyone tell me:

can pleurisy sometimes be mainly on one side of the body?

Thanks anyone: just trying to understand my diagnosis and what I'm dealing with....I do see my gp tomorrow, and will feel more confident about asking her if I've heard from you guys (she is great, but even she admits that many of you have more experience than she does of lupus and chest infections)

PS I think the answer is yes, pleurisy can be one-sided because several years ago a different gp diagnosed me with pleurisy fom similar symptoms, but that was back before my surgery realised I had SLE since infancy.....and back then I didn't bother to understand my diagnosis

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Yes it can be one sided! I've had pleurisy before and pneumonia a lot and am being treated for mild lupus just hydroxychloraquin but am not diagnosed as a lupie!! I have asthma & anti phospholipid syndrome (sticky blood). You have my sympathy pleurisy can be an awful pain! Wishing you well x


You sound like my clone, Maraid! Though I'm not diagnosed with lupus, 'just' APS and Sjogren's. Currently being treated for suspected ABPA (allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis) which is a form of chronic eosinophilic (i.e. allergic) pneumonia. Fun, ain't it?

However, the medics, on their own admission don't really know what's going on or what do to with me (I'm awaiting an appointment with a top asthma guy in London), and the drugs they're treating me with (steroids, antihistamines, mucolytics, etc.) are as bad, if not worse, than the lung condition.

I see from the BNF that Plaquenil can cause bronchospasm and I wonder if that's a factor. Which would be a right pain because it's been/is a lifesaver for me in terms of symptoms.

Any further feedback from your experiences would be very welcome.

All the best,



I suffer a lot with recurring tracheitis, I had it 8 times in 6 months.

The constant coughing also caused chostochondritis which affected my chest, ribs and back, the pain was more on my left side and breathing was a big issue. It was the post awful pain and something I wouldnt wish on anyone.

I really hope you feel better soon

Take care



thanks maraid & dumpypug, and you too coppermob!

am just back from seeing my gp, so read your replies after seeing her. she too had said this morning that yes pleurisy can be one sided. she thinks my one sided pain is most likely muscle strain from the constant coughing (she said pleurisy pain is only when breathing so as my pain is when i move about, she thinks not pleurisy probably - also my lung doesn't sound clearly pleuritic)

so, fingers crossed i don't have pleurisy this time, instead: again it's tracheitis,.. but dumpypug: 8 times in 6 months: with serious complications: OH NO, so sorry! i do agree: the constant coughing is so terrible, and really does cause other problems. yes, i've heard about chostochondritis on this forum before, and will stay alert for that possibility

thanks again: take care and good luck to you all


Hi Barnclown, poor you, I know the pains of pleurisy and/or costochondroitis are awful. Maybe google costo to look at the symptoms as I did and my GP then confirmed that was the problem. It causes pain on breathing deeply and also when moving, I find I need to sit very upright to ease the pain. May be worth having a look yourself to see if you recognise the symptoms.

All the best.


will do, slowmo: thanks for the encouragement!

take care


That's very interesting Coppernob, please post what happens when you eventually get to see the "top asthma guy"... Am very curious because I've had pneumonia now 10 times and all I get told is its just "bad luck!!!!!". Best wishes to you all x


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