Would it be safe to use spray tanning when suffering with Lupus and bad Photosensitivity?

I know it sounds vain but Im so pale and white I always look ill (even though most days I feel how I look) Ive lost my hair due to the Lupus and my eyebrows & eyelashes ... I just want to feel a little more feminine and look better as I cant sunbath as I suffer terrible with Discoid Lesions as my skin bubbles in any heat or UV/UVA rays and have some scaring to my face and body... Since I cant have my hair done as Ive got none... I would love to look tanned and help cover the reddened scaring but I really dont know if the spray tan would irritate my skin now? Thank you in advance -x-

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  • I don't use spray tan but I use the lotion/mousse type and it was ok BUT I don't have discoid lesions, so this might not be useful input to you. I'm intending to use it again this summer, I'm really pale too. I would try it on a small patch first, say the inside of your elbow, or behind your ear. Leave for 24 hours and see. Given the sensitivity of discoid, though, I'd check with your dermatologist to be sure.

  • I have pondered this question myself, I get lesions and am now very photosensitive. The lesions in my scalp are eased if I use a shampoo free from any sulphates so I am guessing that if the spray or fake tan contains sulphates that would cause irritation!?

  • I don't really know but I certainly wouldn't do anything without going to the salon and speaking to them and getting a patch test done first. But even then I think I'd be cautious. Maybe run it by your doctor first.

  • I had my legs done several years ago, prior to a Rheumy appt, he noticed and told me not to do it anylonger, I didn't question him, just didn't do it again.

  • Hi elle, i work in health and beauty and wont tell you that a spray tan you may find will go very patcy and show up what i call white areas, where the skins cells are damaged and can alter the wat spray tans work, many tan work in the way a apple discolours after a while they tint the skin like a stain..if i were you i would try a gradual tan, i have lupus and use garnier summer glow, its a lovely silky feel smells alot better than others its smells of apricots...the shade is nice and not like a essex tan..on application i use on face and all over body, once applied i mix a little with my hand lotion and rub over both hands this gives your hands a little colour, so that you dont have the tan cuff, where your tanned to the cuff on a sleve then pasty white hands, this is a great trick..if you have scaling patches,, rub your fav body lotion in these areas before you apply the gradual tan...another good product is rimmel wash off this is great mixed with a little face cream to give your face a little glow.....i also have lupus and understand, how a small thing like this can make you feel just that little bit more like yourself...xx hugs

  • Thank you all so much for your advice ... I will do a patch test first to see what happens then maybe speak to my Dermatologist before hand ... just wanted a "pick me up" now the weather is warmer and sunnier. Seeing people with a sun tan and their hair done makes me more depressed when I look in the mirror ... .. Xxx

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