20 sensible posts = 1 moan

This is my new rule.

My day so far:

12midnight - 1am: the usual: awake, sweating, nauseous.

1.15am: weird sounds downstairs. Discover that cat has been sick in kitchen. Clear it up. Step on something squidgy. Evidently, the cat has been sick twice.

1.30 - 3.30 back in bed. Think about gig I have bought ticket for - the first since I got ill. Remember I have to fill in tax form in the morning. Think calming thoughts.

3.30 - 5am Fall asleep! Dream about filing in tax forms

5 - 6am Listen to neighbour getting ready for work.

6am - 7am - Listen to cat yowling outside

7am - 7.30 Sleep! Dream about going to work, with cats.

7.30 - Cat yowling again. Somehow, this time, he is on my bed

7.30 - 8am Excitedly waiting till lansoprazole time.

8am Lansoprazole time! Take tablet with water. Feel slight sense of anticlimax. Switch radio on. Am told of the doings of a variety of pathological narcissists, who we have put in charge of the world, apparently. Think, "This is one of those bad dreams, isn't it?"

8.30 Lever cat from face. Get up. Run flannel under the tap for later cold sponging etc

8.35 Go downstairs

8.38 Clear up cat sick in kitchen. Its deja vu all over again.

9.00 Breakfast. Check emails. One from the gig venue says, "Thank you for your query about disabled access. This is a standing only event, but we do have some stools at the back of the hall. The view isn't great, though [smiley face]" So funny!

9.18 Take meds. Sit back to appreciate the effects.

9.30 Fancy a croissant. Check breadbin. Remember I ate them all yesterday. Eat three stale digestive biscuits in a fit of pique. Feel slightly sick again. Consider more meds.

9.36 Wonder whether I should tidy the place up a bit in case a friend pops in. Remember that in the eight months I have been off work, no friends have popped in. Decide I don't need to tidy up after all. Maybe those nice people from Channel 5 will visit soon, doing one of those documentaries about the work of environmental health officers.

9.51 am Think about other things I would like to do today. Cross off the ones which aren't practical. Left with, "Write moany post on LupusUK forum"

And all this before 10am! What breathless adventures lie ahead!? Have a good one, people! xxxx

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  • Brilliant post and hope your day gets better. You certainly made me chuckle, not for your lack of sleep or predicament but your wonderfully written post. Now go catch a few zzzzzzz,s. X

  • thanks Georgie-girl. Have a good day too x

  • πŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†


  • Brilliant post! You made me laugh, and groan in sympathy at the same time. What is it with pets? I spent yesterday dozing, having strange dreams, trying to pursuade my dog that my stomach was not his bed, but the one hour I was fully concious was possibly the best I can remember. Son came round, sealed all the fox poo/dog sick black bags in the wheelie bin, dragged the bin out, then rolled up the hall carpet runner (dog kindly puked up on that as much as poss) to take to the tip.

    I hope today is going a wee bit better for you x

  • Perhaps there's something our pets are trying to tell us with all this vomiting....I hope it's not "You make me sick"


  • thank you for making me laugh , understand exactly what your going through cats included and lack of visitors really hope you get a good nights sleep soon xxx

  • Btw, what was the gig u wanted to go to?

  • Goldfrapp, in Oxford. The only band that I have never grown out of! I am emailing the venue again this morning but the whole trip would be a major expedition. It would be a miracle if I make it

  • Well miracles can happen and I really hope you do make it. Can't say I've heard of the band though ;-)

  • Thank you. Unfortunately this morning, I feel like something the cat dragged in, bit the head off and sicked up again. Only worse.

    Goldfrapp are, of course, an acquired taste, but no-one can be my friend if they don't love them to death. Listen to "Lovely Head" on Youtube and see the light.

    Hmmm....maybe this is why I don't get any visitors....

  • Haha. Ok I'll give them a listen.

  • Love the "lever cat from face" describes the situation perfectly

  • And for some reason, he believes I have a particular interest in his -erm - "under-tail area", so that's the part that needs most leverage....

  • Excellent post and bits we can all relate too.

    Although I read it a few days later, Last night myself and my husband actually went out ! yes I know mid week. New friends my husband made walking to work.(Got to find friends where you can right) Just a local pub. Just sat, drank coke (poor choice as Ive gone caffine free) but keeping up with conversation and not letting on my brains melting, was really difficult.

    Exhusted when I got home, took meds, including Tramadol as my limbs were really painful. But laid awake all night. I listened to foxes, My cat poos by the way, shes elderly. I smelt it got up cleared it up, had tea and tried to sleep again. No good so thank god for night time tv.

    Everyone at work by 7am, the time I would have usually been nursing, not any more. I look at the dog, the dog looks at me. Decision time, do we walk today or will I faint like yesterday.

    I'm not trying to story top, I couldn't beat that brilliant post.

    The point to my return post is that, I'm sorry. I did not here from anyone from work either. Illness is personal and lonely. But you have us, so keep moaning It does us all good sometime.xxxx

  • Thanks, johare,

    You are right, illness - especially when it is chronic and sort of undramatic - can be a lonely business, and sharing our experiences here can really help. Hope your dog knows what to do if you faint!


  • She is brilliant. She lays on me and barks. Not been taught just does it. She also knows before I do. And she doesn't poo in corners.

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