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is anyone on the site ill/disabled and on the work programme?

Ive had lupus for over 21 years but i have other problems to with standing, and im just recovering from cancer, i was wondering if anyone is on the work programme and getting the same problems that i am.

i have nearly done my two years on the programme, had a couple of breaks when i have done temporary jobs just to get away from them, but i seem to be dealing with idiots, who think just because im taking medication and have had my cancer taken away that im fighting fit and fully recovered, i have made a complaint and i got slandered that i didnt want to work, there was nothing wrong with me, and i was making stories up to hide behind, i was that appalled at the way i was being treated i contacted my doctors who did letters for me, and ive handed those over, to my work provider and the jobcentre, im still waiting for my apology.

I'm just wondering are they having a go at me, or is this how they treat all sick and disabled people?

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'We shouldn't b discriminated against 4 having an illness or disability'. I get fed up of hearing this as regardless of what 'The Law' says, we do, & then 2 top it all off, we have 2 try & PROVE that they r discriminating against us on the grounds of our health & not some other crappy excuse they come up with when it's bloody obvious that the reason they're discriminating is health related. I'm really sorry u're getting such a hard time katerowley, it's hard enough trying 2 find the strength 2 carry on with things day 2 day as it is & it just makes me pig sick that u r trying 2 earn a wage & u get all this crap. U would've have half these problems if u had a 'self-inflicted' illness, I get an absolute pittance from ESA, despite working & paying N.I from the age of 15 yet u c all the alchy's & druggies doing well on the benefit system :0/


wow canine, u go girl! Feel good 2 have a rant about something ;0)


thanks for the replies i appreciate it.

well my chances are low of getting a job my doctor has told me its highly unlikely i will be able to hold a job down.

but they just ignore things and try and push you into things.


It is a pathetic system. I'd dearly LOVE 2 go back 2 work but unfortunately, not only do I have a body & mind that r totally chuffed up, who the Hell would employ some1 who has spent the last 2 years off sick cos of a medical condition? When u do u're ESA forms, make sure u put down EVERYTHING, no matter how trivial u think it seems.


I was was placed on the work activity group, which I am in the process of appealing against. Even though I submitted letters from my consultant in support of my application I was still placed in this group, because the atos doctor fabracted a lot of things in his report. Lupus affects my lungs causing restriction and breathlessness on exertion, extreme fatigue, joint pains and other symptoms. I have to take a taxi or get a lift whenever I have to go out due to this. On the two occasions I attended an interview to see an advisor i was very breathless on arrival. they could see the state I was in and they read the letter form my consultant. You could see by the look on their face that they didn't understand why I was there, in view of my conditon.The first one did not contact me again and the second one said she would contact me by phone in a few months to see if I had received the date for my tribunal. I am very grateful for this and it shows that some of those people who work for the job centre do have a heart. This is a very difficult time for those of us with lupus. Not only do we have to fight a battle every day with our ilness, but now we are made to fight to get the help and support that we so desperately need. like many of you I have worked since the age of 16 I have always worked until I couldn't because of my illness. All I can say is good luck and please keep on fighting to get justice.


They tried 2 do that 2 me & I went on some totally random rant at them & in all truthfulness I think they thought 'Best leave her alone, I think she's a little unhinged' lol! My GP, Psych, Neuro & Rheumy have sent them letters basically saying that by going on at me they r causing me added stress which is not good 4 a patient with lupus & it's likely 2 send me flaring or tip me over the edge. So far so good but I'll let u in a something I learnt from a friend of mine who has crohns & has a friend who works 4 ESA: They reckon if u r well enough 2 attend any meetings & examinations, u r well enough 2 work lol! Bloody fools, they really aint got a clue :0/


Katerowley, You are really not alone! I even wrote to my local mp and was told it was empowering for ill/disabled people to work and make a contribution to society. The government are just using us - the truly sick - to bully us so we have no choice but to give up benefits because they have made us feel even worse! Or they take it off you if your partner/husband/wife works in in the majority of cases.Yet like Sher78 says there are others that get a new car every 3 years and are still living a good life. I'm appealing but I know I'm going to have the 'the law' shoved in my face again and again. Please don't let them get you down. You've had cancer as well, you have got to take really good care of yourself. ((Supportive Hugs)). All the best


I'm in the same boat I've put an appeal in and have sick notes letters etc off my doctor because I can't walk have no use of my right arm due to muscle waste and they still expect me to get into work placements they don't care they just want to make sure thy have good numbers to Cameron looks good


well im not on esa never have been, citizens advice bureau suggested i should be, but i would lose £30 a week, for 3 months but he then said you will then be tested and would be back on jsa so i said what is the point of moving me then? I have worked most of my life paid or self employed, i even contacted david cameron because i was that disgusted, trouble is like a lot of previous posts, and in streets close to me, there are people on long term sick because of headaches, if they knocked the cannabis on the head the headaches might go.

well since ive had the cancer ive had further problems, i get checked every 3 months and so far im clear, but since i had it cut out of shoulder ive had tendons, tissue, nerves removed, i cant carry anything on that side of my body, i get pains in my stomach which my doc tells me is excess acid, ive got a couple of lumps on my thigh, which have been scanned as nothing nasty. and on tuesday i got out of bed and couldnt stand on my right leg,

i dont no if its good or bad, but i have been approached by someone, who wants me to tell my story about the work programme, and ive been treated like something they trod in, so im thinking of doing that.

I think some of us can do some work, but my problem is i dont think i can do enough hours to enable me to earn enough to sign off, i had an appointment with a person that works out what better off in work would mean, at the moment i can do 16 hours and get working tax credit because im disabled, but in the new benefit shake up shes told me if i lose my disability because i only get the low rate, i will lose the working tax credit and no job will make it beneficial for me to go back to work, and i will have to work over 30 hours then like an able bodied person, and im not sure i can do that, and sustain it for at least 6 months.

im in my bad phase at the moment, september to march, was ill over christmas and new year with novovirus and then a cold.


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