You need a sense of humour to cope with disease. Hi

You need a sense of humour to cope with disease. Hi

Hi Folks,

How about we start a wee blog of the funny things that we have experienced with living with Lupus?

I can think of a few. Before I was diagnosed I was working as a temp doing waitressing work in a local hotel. One morning I had cleared a breakfast table and on entereing the kitchen at the wash up area I started to put the food waste in the cutlery trough and the cutlery down the waste disposal chute. I cannot repeat the words that were coming forth from the irate and fumming kitchen porter, suffice to say he wasnt happy ha ha . I could see myself doing it but it was as if I had stepped out of my body and was watching myself but couldnt stop myself. Found out later it was immflamation of the brain. My friend had similar experience but funnier still. She got home from shopping and put the fozen fish in hubbies sock drawer and his new socks in the freezer. Of course when I got the meds it sorted it all out but tho scary at the time, very funny now, years later...

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  • Hi lemonface. Wot a great idea. I would like to add a contribution, one of many i must say.

    I decided to travel to one of our local towns to do a bit of shopping a couple of years back and decided to go in the multi storey car park as it was chucking it down. The thing was i had never been in this particular car park. I pulled up to the ticket machine got my ticket and proceeded. i got to the bottom of the ascent to the car park and it curved to the left, it really flumoxed me and there was no traffic waiting behind me so sat in my brain fog trying to work out if it was the left or right bit i had to go up. I wrongly took the left lane and wondered what the awful bump and grating sound was, didnt think anything was wrong and so carried on up the spiralling ascent. I was going great guns until........... i met another car coming down on the SAME SIDE! ......Arghhhhh! was my immediate reaction, the woman driver in the car coming down was sat there in total shock as was i, just looking at each other FROZEN. I came to and started reversing down the slope. All was going well until i tried to get back into the right lane to go up the sloe. That bump i mentioned was a concrete devider of the lanes and i am afraid i got stuck or a better word might be PERCHED on it. OH MY GAWD!

    The traffic comming down were in hysterics some even taking photos on their phones.

    And so i sat with head in hands until someone went for help.

    As you can imagine it was a hilarious point of conversation especially among my family and friends. Everyone refers to it as " MOTHERS DAY OUT "

    I cringe every time i go near that car park, but i can say, i made alot of people laugh that day.

    H ope this has caused a few chuckles for everyone. x

  • Oh my God, what a nightmare, it hasn't happened to me yet but I'm always worried it will, I frequently have moments when I forget which way!

  • Yes that was on reflection a good one. I have actually learnt not to go out if my instincts are high. Due to the fact I know something is going to happen. The decisions you make are quite crazy. Been caught out a few times. Often put things in the fridge when they should be in a cupboard or visa versa. I am sure my kids think I have lost the plot. Yesterday I was looking for some children's tights in town with my daughter couldn't find the size until my daughter pointed out mom they are already in your hand. It's like you have forgotten the previous few minutes. You do have to laugh. Keep up the laughs it is good for you. Keep well. X

  • Where is Sher - we need her for this post !

    I tend to do odd things on a daily basis ... not so bad since I am on meds ... I think the worst thing I have down is taking the dog (when he was still with us) to the shops; a 5 min walk; popping in, getting what I needed and walking all the way home, got home and husband asked, er where is the dog, hehehe I had left him at the shops! ... poor thing, he was a GSD, and no one would go near him to see who he belonged too !! .......

  • I'm here my lovely ;)

    My whole life is now a total 'blonde' or 'lupoid' moment (I define it as blonde or lupoid depending on how off the wall it is lol!)

  • Oh I am so glad others are like me, the first day out on my own after having my daughter I went shopping just at the local shops, popped in the butchers, put the shopping in the tray under the pram.and then the greengrocers I was walking home when I realised I had not got the butchers bag in my hand - then the penny dropped and I realised I had left the bag wit the pram with my week old baby daughter sleeping in it! I have never run as fast and just cried all the way home. If you asked my family you could write a book of 'brain fog' moments!

    We do have a facebook page where we all put jokes and have a laugh - look for Luppie Daily Bante and join us in our laugh a day.xx

  • I just tried googling luppie daily banter & didn't get anywhere- any suggestions? Sheila

  • I was Lupus page and we just decided to start a page. Go to the Lupus facebook page. Join that and then we can get you on the other page. We are being extra careful as we have had some 'spammers' causing havock.

    hope to see you there.

  • Still no luck! Tried Lupus & Lupus Page! S

  • Try

    Luppie Daily Banter Chit Chat Page.

    I will ask the other members

  • Hi just been in contack with Lupus Jon who started the site and he says you are now 'with us' so just go to facebook.

    Lupus Banter Chit Chat and you can see us all.xx

  • Hi just been in contack with Lupus Jon who started the site and he says you are now 'with us' so just go to facebook.

    Lupus Banter Chit Chat and you can see us all.xx

  • I was in Tesco with my trolley and parked it to go and get something to put it in the trolley and set off again. I continued up the aisles and when I put the next item in the trolley I thought.I'm sure I didn't put those in there. Only then did I realise that I had put my stuff in someone elses trolley and had then continued doing my shopping with their trolley :) Worse still they had a shopping bag with a chemist bag of tablets that I had "stolen". I had to take it all to Customer Services so they could ask the true owner to collect their stuff from me...

  • Oh so glad to 'meet' others as daft as me.xx

  • Great stuff folks.

    Another time the brain fog took over was when I was getting tired and cold while out shopping, decided to pop into a cafe for a cuppa and a kitkat. It was very busy in there and the only seat available was at a table for 2 with this big fella covered in tatoos who looked a bit scary, but he smiled when I asked if it was ok to join him. Well I broke off a finger of my kitkat and put the rest on the table, the chap smiled at me and picked up my kitkat and broke off a finger, dipped it in his tea. I broke off the next finger and low and behold the cheeky devil took the last one. When he finished he gave me a huge smile and said have a nice day. I thought cheeky thing. when i got outside I pulled my gloves out of my pocket and out flew MY kitkat. WELL !!! I`m lucky I didnt get a punch inthe mouth. What a lovely chap he was xx

  • You probably scared that man to death, this is hilarious!

  • OMGosh! That is just too funny! Not laughed so much in ages! Thank you!

  • Best laugh I've had all week.......! Keep them coming .....

  • thank you all for making my day

  • hazel Hollingsworth, I did that wth my daughter in the pram. Left her outside the chemist shop at Frecheville, Sheffield! And my mum was with me and we didn't realise till we got almost home to her house! :D

  • How Weird - I was Born at 21 Hopefield Ave. Frecheville and lived there 'till I got married in 1968, now live in Eckington. Very SMALL world. When I am well enough I often go for a walk round the pond and just sit and remember, or go to the chapel on Churchdale and walk round the left hand side and sit on the steps and look at my mum and dad's old house and dream of happy days gone by. Thank you so much, just seeing Frecheville has started me off, but happy memory

  • Oh Thanks I so needed that today - not a good 'body' day. A Laugh does help.xx

  • Last sunday I took part in the 10 mile ryde road run on the isle of wight. It is a very hilly run and the wind was very strong. It was hard going as I always describe to my non Lupie friends running with Lupus is like running in chainmail but with the wind and hills it seems like I am carrying my horse around too. Anyway there I was giving it MY ALL when I looked around every so often to see the sweeper (the marshal who stays with the last runner in a race) WALKING. b*******y cheek. I know I am slow but does he have to rub it in.......??? Mind you he was only about 20 yrs old and tall and I found out later a very fast runner.. Haha You gotter laugh. but hey I did it I ran the whole way. so it took me just over 2 hours but we Lupies dont give in.. Got a great cheer at the finish tho x

  • Well Done - you didn't give up!

    I've started "walking around the block" to the village and back, now that the weather is perking up. Sometimes my husband comes along too (he's been a driver all his adult life, so doesn't really know the function of legs!) No gain without pain though..... I generally have to lie down for a while when we return.

    It is good to be back with you all again, as I've been "pushing mud uphill" since New Year, and having horrendous headaches, and sciatic pain in spine and legs.

    We are off to Oz in April - hoping this will boost the immune system. Most of my immediate family live in South Australia, and they are lots of fun - very positive people, It's always a wrench to leave them when we return to the UK.

  • Well Talk about a` senior moment` Bob my lovely hubby decided at long last to give Hector our old camper van a much needed wash. The sun was shining at the weekend so he gets his bucket of hot soapy water and sponge at the ready.Next thing I know he is walking out to the van with my wooden ironing board under his arm. Where r u going with that? I ask He looks at me, looks at the board and looks puzzled `Oh` was all he could say. It`s not as if they r kept in the same place. The ladders are upstairs and my ironing board is in the conservatory. And NO he never does the ironing......Work that one out haha. You gotter laugh..Smile on my friendsx

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