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Lupus Flares and Food Allergies

Hi All,

my wife was diagnosed with Lupus 6 years ago and she has since been diagnosed with sooooo many other health conditions, so i feel for everyone who has Lupus, as it can be so debilitating.

So food allergies.

My wife is allergic to latex, which was confirmed during a stay in hospital, however what we didn't realise is that latex protein can be found in many foods, such as apple, avocado, banana, carrot, celery, chestnut, kiwi, melons, papaya, raw potato and tomato. So basically all of the foods my wife enjoyed, however it wasn't until she ate a banana about 6 months ago and almost instantly falred that we checked for online for banana allergy and found the link.

Since then she has avoided all of the foods on the list and only on the very rare occassion when we didn't realise a food product contained one of them, she has not had any flares.

Her flare, would typically be a facial butterfly rash, muscle aches, stomach pain, fatigue etc..

I thought i would post this, as you have to look at all possibilities to help reduce flaring

Just one annoying element, was why the Doctors did not advise on foods being linked to latex allergy? it is online and easy to find. So a thanks to Google....again



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This is very interesting, as i have recently been thinking about food allergies in connection with my recent lupus flare. Not to with latex but in connection to nuts and anti-oxidants. i find anything that has a boosting affect on my immune system causes increase

Lupus symptoms. I am now going to eliminate nuts & garlic out of my diet. I eat these foods daily and am wondering if they are contributing to the aggressive flare i am having right now.

I was also thinking about allergy testing for lupus sufferers. Perhaps having this test could help us determine the foods that could perhaps trigger flares so can be avoided where possible. I am hypersensitive to sooooo many things due to lupus even air freshners organic or not affect me.

Thanks for the info.


I also am allergic to many fruits, some foods and literally, everything green outside. Allergies, Asthma, rashes ,hives, now Lupus. Tough life. I still work but not sure how long I can hang in there. I have read there is a link to allergies as this is an immune response. Just curious, does your wife have RH negative blood?


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