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Frequent Lupus Flares

Hello Everyone,

My daughter is experienceing frequent Lupus Flares. Fever, pain in lower back, headaches and sometimes pain in her neck as well. She was diagnosed with Lupus 7-8 years ago and things haven't been so hot since then. Is there any home remedy that anyone has out there to relieve the madness of a flare? Going to the hospital I know all to well and some flares are not that bad, so wondering what maybe I can do to help relieve her in the meantime. Thank you and God Bless

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I take Advil to help manage these types of symptoms. Needless to say, I take a lot of Advil!!! Too often however, I put the way I feel on Lupus as the cause and try to fight through the symptoms and I think we still have to be careful about other things that could come up. I hope she gets checked thoroughly when she goes to the hospital???? Blood work etc. when i finally end up going, too often it turns out to be an infection somewhere that I'm trying to fight - usually UTI. Hope she gets past the worst of it. It's a crappy time of year for me that's for sure!!


Thank you and she gets UTI freqently, they put her on Cipro high dose and another low dose of Macrodatin. This is her second flare within a week and seems like this is the norm. Last few flares she was hospitalized. That has been in the last two months, getting out of hand it seems. She also suffers from Avascular norcrosis in both anckle and knee caused by prednisone. The Advil she eats a bottle for lunch and supper. Hoping to find something that won't mess with blood IR levels. Thank you again for feedback


Sorry to hear she's having such a rough time. How old is she?


She just turned 29, had a stroke when she was 16 then APS then straight in to SLE. Oh she also takes Chemo for her kidneys every 3 months.


Hello Stripes

So sorry to read how ill your daughter is and she's so young!. Lupus is a cruel illness!

Usually if a patient is having frequent flares then the dose of their main medication is looked at or drugs even changed. You have to be very careful with natural remedies interacting with Lupus medication, always best to ask. I do hope things improve for her and likewise you will have less worries.X


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