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Struggle with lupus symptoms and flare-ups

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My wife has everyday battle with flu like symptoms, joint pains, fatigue, and fever at night. She can't be able to sleep because of them. Not only that, flare ups happen randomly and can last week's or days at a time. She tried some ways to reduce the severity of this disease, but it's hard. Can you help my wife to deal with lupus? Thank you so much.

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I'm so sorry for your wife. I don't have Lupus but I do have Fibro and my flares are also flu symptoms

sorry to hear your condition. These symptoms seem to be very harsh. They make my wife tired all the time. She has to stop working because of them and randomly flare-ups. I often take her to the doctor, but everything hasn't changed much

Hi adamrufer, your wife must be happy with your love. Lupus is a complicated and unpredicted disease, but it doesn't mean there's no way to cope with it. Has your wife ever tried to reduce stress and make diet and lifestyle changing? If not yet, consider the following tips:

- Avoid sunlight (apply sunscreen and wear sun- protective clothes before going out)

- Eat well- balanced diet. Instead of eating packaged, processed and fast foods, encourage your wife to eat more leafy green vegetable, salmon, tuna, lean meat and fresh fruits (but avoid fruits that contain more sugar)

- Take rest and get enough sleep

- Exercise regularly. exercise helps your wife gain more energy. Not only that, it controls her lupus flares.

- Take supplement. Besides foods, extra vitamins and Lupufree supplement are effective in reducing inflammation and preventing flare ups. Also, she can take omega 3s fish oil, or DHEA supplements.

- Reduce stress. Taking deep breath, getting massage or sharing your troubles with loved people help you avoid stress effectively

Finally, don't forget to see her rheumatologist often. You also help her to reduce the severtiy of lupus by sharing her troubles and supporting her if she needs. Hope she could get better soon

thank you so much- jennifer251. You showed many useful tips for coping with lupus. I tell it with my wife and wish that she will get better soon. Again, many thanks.

Hi adamrufer, welcome to the LUPUS UK Community Forum. I am sorry to hear that your wife has been so unwell. Is she currently taking any medication for her lupus?

Jennifer251 has shared some excellent tips for managing lupus flares. If you need more information about lupus we have a free pack which you can request or download from our website at

yes, she is on treatment with some types of lupus medications, including Plaquenil, Prednisone, and vitamin D3. But not much changes

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Paul_HowardPartner in reply to adamrufer

How long has she been on her current treatment regimen? If it is not working then it may be time for the consultant to look at changing the dose or adding on another medication.

My partner is seeing at first hand the difficult effects of lupus. I know my inflammatory markers are raised but keep hoping I have got the better of the situation but then I am flattened again. Your wife will probably have to take painkillers if the pain is too great. I try to minimise any extra meds myself, but you have to be realistic and stay safe at the same time. If things get uncontrollable you will need to get the gp or consider other forms of backup.

We have a nutribullet. You can make all sorts of shakes or smoothies to help control inflammation. Especially if she is already taking any painkillers at full dose. Today I made an apple, ginger, and blueberry smoothie with nut milk. All ingredients being anti inflammatory and this evening made a carrot ginger and strawberry smoothie with nut milk. They taste ok even if you mix fruit and veg. Its an easy way of getting good nutrients into the body without unnecessary additives. Ginger is anti inflammatory and also helps to combat colds. I chose to use nut milk as when I have a cold dairy milk often creates more mucus for me. Berries are high in polyphenols, again good in fighting colds. Yesterday we ate a flan with dinner and later I was in excruciating pain again. So it's possible that certain foods act as triggers.

Trial and error will help to understand if certain foods are making her worse whilst she is in an inflammatory state. Jennifer251 has given some very good advice.

Since the smoothies today I have not had to take painkillers. It might be something to think about. You can get cheaper versions of the nutribullet. Or just use a blender. The thing to try to achieve is to get a good dose of anti inflammatory foods into her in the easiest and most palatable form possible.

thank you so much- overnighthearingloss. It seems to be a good idea to make smoothies because my wife doesn't enjoy meal more. Hope smoothies can encourage her appetites. But I can't sure if it's safe for my wife

If she cannot eat at all you need to be thinking at least about the gp. I have had many days with little appetite but usually can manage a smoothie. Even if it lasts a while. With lack of appetite even a saucer of food seems like a huge meal. That's what I have had at some meals. But she must keep her fluids up.

If things are severe a gp will either adjust her medication or be knowledgeable of any extra steps to take.

again, thank you very much. We gonna meet her doctor next week, of course, I'll ask the doctor about this trouble

I know how your poor wife feels it's so hard to cope with it's such a dreadful illness no one should have to go through this I feel for you both my flair ups of late have been really bad my heart goes out to you both xx

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