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Do you suffer from food allergys/anaphalaxis?

Hi everyone my daughter suffers from food allergies/anaphalaxis,now it is though that one of her 3 year old twins does as well.

My daughter and grandaughter suffer with allergies to some of the creams and sun creams that they were given on prescription,now my grandaughter has been given a moisturiser with oatmeal in to try here's hoping it works.

My question mainly is about food allergies,my daughter can't eat tomatoes,strawberries and oranges,in any form,her partner can't even drink or eat anything she is allergic to as her face starts to swell.

She had had a few anaphalactic shocks as even her allergy testing showed she was allergic to everything,I think it was a bit of a weird result,she was told it may be a false result as it showed seriously high histamines levels,I wonder it it was the un detected lupus that confused the result.

Today she was so angry with her partner,she had a swelling on her face yesterday,itchy sore and red,today it started again,to cut a long story short she saw her partner drinking Orange,well he knows she can't touch eat or kiss anyone who has had orange,idiot! Her three year old said to him,"daddy you are not supposed to have orange as it makes mummy ill!" And that comes from a three year old.

It would appear one of her children who always has inflammatory markers raised in her blood,may have the same problems as her mum,she has had blood tests to look for things like lupus.

Do many here suffer with swelling or skin sores from foods?

Thanks in advance,Sandy.

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I have Lupus SLE and I get bouts of severe intolerence to foods and medications. I do not get it like your daughter mine come in the form of severe diarrhea and can come with things that I have had no problem with in the past. It can last for a few weeks, months or permanent. two years ago I had to stop a medication, Arthrotec, that I had been on for years and have not been able to take it again. When it starts I know I have to cut right down on milk products because that is one of the main things that affects me.

Saying that I never really know what will start it. I used to be able to eat as much fruit as I wanted but now can eat very little. I have over the last few months had a intollerence bout and think now I have to watch what I eat with oats in it.

When I get these bouts I never know, other than milk products, what is going to affect me. The doctor has told me the only way of doing it is to stop things I think is triggering it for a few days to see if it calms down then try the things again.

The trouble is at the end of these bouts I can go completely the opposite and suffer with constipation. When this happens I have to start having the things that triggered the problem to relieve the constipation. It is a never ending circle.


Ah bless ya,thank you for your reply, it is so strange isn't it,how one minute our. bodies can tolerate things and the next it can't,my daughter had horrendous bowel problems from birth till about the age of 10 until she started taking steroids for severe asthma,she was tested for allergies,nothing could be found,jyst put down to ibs ,I do not believe that's what it wad,she had severe diorreha,all her child life,no sooner had it gone in her mouth and it ran out the other end.

It is thought that she may have other undoagnosed disorders so only time will tell.

It is the anaphalaxis from the oranges or strawberries that seems to be the worst,when she touches others that have eaten them,beyond her control.

Her daughter's nursery do not have those fruits on the days that her children are there,shame for the other children,but very helpful for her and her daughter.

Thank you again for your input,Sandy.


I have severe allergy and anaphalaxsis I carry an epien due to this, I am allergic to pork and can not eat anything has been in contact with it my husband can not eat anything pork related as even a kiss will set off the allergy. I have to be careful what medication I have as they some contain pork in a hidden form. For more information on allergy go to allergyuk.org they also have a forum where you can ask questions. Allergy can be connected to other illnesses.


Thank you for your reply,isn't it strange how foods such as pork can cause severe. allergy,my daughter had to use her epi pen last night and go to the walkin center as her face and neck started to swell and came out in a bad rash and was burning,she feels it may be something her partner or children may have eaten whilst out without her.who knows,thank you so much again,i shall have a look at that link.Sandy.


Use that EPI-PEN. Always have carry spares.

Wear a MEDIC ALERT BRACELET (for example: anaphylaxis crisis not always avoidable due to non disclosure of ingredients in meals in restaurants)

If at all possible avoid triggers. Be careful of known possibles - such as latex.

Take care.


Thank you Nouska,have to agree with everything you satire turned out to be a burning rash from her eye lids down to her neck,even today it lioks really burn't,could have been the orange juice her partner drank,as common sense didn't tell him he shouldn't drink orange juice,nor just not eat oranges near my daughter,even her three year old knew he was in the wrong and he didn't.

Thank you again for your response,Sandy.


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