Dead arms and pins and needles make sleep uncomfortable... should I be worried?

I find that when I sleep I put one arm under my pillow to prop up my head to make me more comfortable.

Over the last year I find that when I do this my arm goes dead and I get pins and needles.

I discussed this with my GP who said I had nothing to worry about and it was normal.

But it is not normal for me and this is something I have done every night until recently

Should I be worried about this?

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  • hi i had the same problem i was advised by my doc it could be my pillow either it is too high or too low it helped me to reduce my pillow at night

  • I've had this for few years now - numbness and pins and needles in hands through the night. Doctor says is from my neck and need to change my pillow but one time when I was on a steroid course the numbness went away until I stopped taking it, so that doesn't sound like neck related to me. I'm seeing a neurologist in a few months but I'm pretty certain he'll say the same as your doctor, nothing to worry about, despite the fact that it is worrying me. I think it is lupus related and it is a symptom that can't always be controlled by the medication we take, so we end up putting up with it.

  • I had exactly the same thing in both arms and hands which went on for months causing sleepless nights and not pleasant. For my whole life I have only slept on one pillow, so decided to use two and it was like magic, instant cure.

    Must be a neck problem with me, so perhaps you could try a variety of neck sleeping positions. Some people have great success using those memory foam pillows for neck problems but I found them far too hot and gave mine away, but maybe worth a try.

  • I have a memory foam pillow, my husband can't stand it he says its really uncomfortable.

    I only use this pillow and wake up in the morning it's all crushed up, it has been moulded into shape.

    Not had a night since waking trying to make my pillows comfortable.

  • When I had my heart attack a couple of I was told by the cardio rehab nurse these symptoms are indicative of high cholesterol. May be you need to get your cholesterol checked.

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