My finger next to my thumb on both hands seem to have started leaning slightly to the wrong side.

I was wondering if anyone wears a hand splint for the same problems. If so how do you go about getting them and are they useful. I know someone in the 60s who has arthritis and the top part of one of their fingers is completely bent and dodgy. I really do not want that happening to my fingers.

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  • Hi LouLamb

    I have RA and both my fingers next to my thumbs have started turning and they hurt.

    The One on my right hand is a lot worse than the left hand.

    When I Was with my rheumy sometime last year we discussed this.he sent me to one of the hospital physios.

    She had some material like melted plastic and made a mould of my finger , when it was cooled down and it was rock hard it was slid on to my finger and a sort of adhesive tape wrapped round it to keep,it in place.Its not uncomfortable and I think it saves my finger from becoming more misshappen but I dont think, it .corrects any damage already done.

    Speak to,your rheumy they may suggest this or something else.

    Good luck.

    I hope you find what you need.



  • Thanks

  • Hi, I have also noticed that my middle finger at the top is bending to one side and i have pain at the bendy bit sometimes, this started around two months ago. I am putting this down to my meds as i have never had any problem untill i went on med for Lupus.

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