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A bit of a strange question but I'm looking for suggestions of places to go for a weekend break in May this year. With the severe photosensitivity I get now airports and planes can be a problem, sunny isn't an option and it needs to be somewhere that I wouldn't have to spend the whole weekend walking too much. And not too expensive - due to get married this year but it keeps getting delayed (long story) so we don't want to spend a huge amount of money but could do with a few days break to unwind.

Also what does anyone else with a high photosensitive element to their lupus do for holidays generally? I'd love to go to Croatia for example but just can't see how I could make it work.

Any suggestions anyone?

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  • Hi

    If you fancy Cornwall my wife and I have some holiday cottages near Looe set in rural peaceful surroundings. You can take a look at, I also have Lupus.

  • link not working

  • thats good :)

  • looks idyllic

  • Looks gorgeous and I've bookmarked for future reference once we know when we are booking our main holiday. We have a 9 month old huge lab puppy so I'm trying to decide what the definition of "well behaved" is πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I've not done that coast of Cornwall so it would be fun to find a new area. Just 2 questions though - are the beds doubles or kings (other half is 6'4 in all directions!) and which cottage would you say would suit us better with the dog? I may well be in touch!

  • Our cottages all have standard double beds or single beds. As to well behaved dogs, we don't accept dogs under one year of age and they have to be house trained as we do not allow dogs on furniture or in the bedrooms. We also do not allow dogs to be left unattended in the cottages. These are pretty standard rules in the holiday cottage industry. If you do fancy a break later in the year, it would be good to see you.πŸ™‚

  • He doesn't go in the bedroom but we might have to wait until he's a bit older to retrain him on the furniture to make sure he does as he's told on that one but he's not allowed on furniture at other people's houses so fingers crossed he'd be good. We'd bring his crate with us for him to sleep in too and I wish we could leave him ... I can't even go to the loo without him trying to follow lololololol. If not this year then definitely will be looking for next :)

  • You could have a cruise. You can have 3 day cruises from Southampton with P & O and they are surprisingly cheap. Life on board is lovely with plenty to do and you can spoil yourself which I am sure you need. Walk round the promenade deck at dusk and meet some lovely people.

  • Now that's an idea - we've looked at cruises for our potential honeymoon to do the fjords. Do the artificial lights on board give you any problems? My photosensitivity is to all lighting so wasn't sure if they'd cause me an issue if they are too bright

  • I do not have your problem with light so cannot help. I do remember it being a comfortable light indoors, mostly on the dim side. I think that other suggestions for northern countries are good too. I would say that you can get an inside cabin which would be perfect (and the most economical)

  • I have Lupus sle and extremely sensitive to UV rays. The problem with the Northern countries is they either have very long days in the summer. Then in winter it's snow with reflective UV light but for shorter periods. I've been on cruises staying on board during the port days. There are lectures, shows, dancing, films etc. Most people are very friendly. I travel alone but book my meals on a table of 8 or 10. I meet lots of wonderful people who all accept my limitations.

  • Someone suggested to me today going somewhere with snow and I had to explain then that it's doubly bad as it just reflects the light. Sounds like cruises might be the way to go for our honeymoon at least 😊

  • Enjoy you honeymoon. And individual I'd like to congratulate you on your future wedding. X

  • Hi Mifford, why don't you try Denmark? I've never been myself but I know they don't have much daylight in Scandinavia. They are also very very health conscious. I've been reading a lot about 'Hygge' lately, which is the Danish way to live well. :-) If you do go there, please let me know what it's like as I really want to go!

  • Scandinavia was somewhere I'd thought of but for a weekend it means flying and the airport makes me really suffer. The dark half the year thing would work though!

  • Oh yes you would have to fly if just for a weekend. Maureenpearl has suggested some good ideas. How about getting the ferry over to Ireland or to one of the channel islands? Or get the train up to Scotland? I get photosensitivity but it's just with my eyes..I can't keep them open in the slightest bit of sun.

  • I also have photosensitivity but I go out in the sun with factor 50 on and a sun hat. I do wear sleeveless and strapless outfits because I do need some sun.

    I go on cruises from Southampton because I can't fly (the lupus has damaged my lungs). I will be going on a cruise with a friend to the Norwegian Fjords in May and August I will be going on another one to the Mediterranean with my family.

    Scotland and Ireland is beautiful and you won't have to worry about it getting too hot.

    Please remember to have your vitamin levels checked if your'e not having a lot of sun.

  • We're looking at the Fjords for our honeymoon 😊 Unfortunately going out in the sun even with factor 50 isn't optional for me - I have a double whammy on photosensitivity to all light as it sparks the lupus but I also get full solar urticaria. I have to use a complete light blocking cream at all times, take lots of anti histamines daily and limit all exposure - without it I have a full reaction in less than 2 minutes unfortunately. I've been on vitamin D since it was tested with my thyroid many years ago as I'm low and Guy's now test it every 4 months or so since they started treating the light reaction.

    Hope you enjoy your cruises - hopefully if we can get a date set I might get to be on one of them!!! :)

  • So sorry to hear you're not able to have any sun and I do hope you manage to get away and enjoy it. 😎

  • Thanks - Ireland I hadn't thought of and even if it's a flight it's short so minimal time at the airport. Definitely going to look into that one thank you 😊

  • The Castle Hotel, Bishops Castle is dog friendly. Plenty of shade in the gardens. Lots to do in town. Ludlow is another place, dog friendly and lots todo both in and out. Spoilt for choice on food. Best wishes Kevin

  • Thank you. The weekend trip for May we have the dog booked in to try him with the dog sitter but will note these suggestions for future use :)

  • What about the shetland Islands? Dog friendly cottages, you drive up to aberdeen leisurely stopping along the way, overnight ferry with your car to lerwick? Gentle pace up there, lovely scenery and wildlife and not excessively hot or sunny!

  • We've been looking at options this evening and are looking at booking 4 nights down at Sandy Balls in the New Forest at the end of February with the dog as I remember reading somewhere that they have a cabin set up for photosensitivity. Thank you all for the suggestions and they've all been noted for future use and do please keep them coming 😊

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