Really worried as May gets closer . My PIP runs out May 10th . I know they won't renew it and I don't think I can be bothered with an appeal again

Does anyone think if I get a letter from gp or Rheumy stating what I can't do . Will I be more likely to get PIP without having to go to appeal . I think letters are about £25. I will pay that if it saves all the stress and worry of an appeal

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  • I'd suggest going to the Citizens Advice Bureau or some kind of local charity or advocacy group to help fill in the renewal form and make sure you have someone representing you to attend the medical assessment. It's surprising how much more precise the forms are when they help with it and when they did my appeal they picked up on things that I hadn't even thought to mention. Any letters you can get from your doctors will help too. Good luck

  • I went to CAB for my appeal and the way they wrote the reasons for appeal was better than I could have ever imagined

  • Hang on LouLamb you haven't even had the form yet, don't be defeatist!

    If your condition has not improved then there should be no reason to refuse you.

    You could start on preparing for your renewel now so everything is in place and less stressful for you.

    Make sure you get good advice from the Citizens Advice, there may be a bit of a waiting list for an appointment so ring as soon as you receive your form.

    Google for a Disability Advocate in your area, both services are free.

    Collect copies of all blood test results and your outpatient appointment letters to your GP, ask the receptionist and say you will pick them up when they are less busy, there should be no charge and you should go back as far as your last PIP.

    Your GP can write a "To Whom It May Concern" letter outlining your difficulties. It will cost about £25, make an appointment to discuss this with him.

    Make a couple of copies as this is also useful for claiming concessions or for a Blue Badge.

    When your PIP form arrives, make a copy of it and practice filling in with a pencil so you can rub it out if you are not sure.

    Copy absolutely everything before you post it off as the DWP have a nasty habit of "losing" things.

    You got the PIP result last time, you should get it this time. :) :) :)

  • I suppose I shouldn't really worry but I can't help it . As of the hassel I went through last time .

    My bloods levels when I went last time where fine so doc didn't put me on meds he said were check when I go back in Feb .

    I can't wash my hair , get in and out of bath , cut my food , make a meal , dress my self properly eg- socks .

    Would all that will count even though no meds . As when on meds last time it didn't help with these problems as it's the arthritis .

    I'm always tired , exhausted . I'm in bed my 6 some night earlier . I wake up at least 4 times a night with pain

  • Hello,

    Please don't worry. I have a little experience with this form. It comes in sections of how you manage with daily tasks like dressing, washing etc. One of the things they look at is whether you have been issued equipment such as toileting aids or have grab rails in the shower for example.

    There are 2 levels higher and lower depending on your ability. You will need to think of every task you do and whether it is difficult, whether you should receive help, do you have to rest in between etc, can you actually complete the tasks independently.

    If you are struggling with daily tasks I'm wondering whether you have been referred to an Occupational Therapist? These professionals look at daily activity and the persons functional level.

  • Welfare rights at your local council are better than citizens advice and much easier to get in touch with and they go to appeal with you .

  • Welfare Rights did it for me - even filling in the form. They know exactly how to answer the questions. Like you, I was sure I wouldn't get my DLA turned to PIP, but I did,

  • I would definitely speak to a Welfare Rights officer at your local council. Don't waste valuable energy worrying yet. Good luck .

  • Like others have said speak to welfare rights and get as much evidence as you can from Gp, and consultants and photo copy everything, Good Luck it is stressful but fight for you rights.

  • Hi I too have Lost my benefits anc car.Horrific!!!!!!My gp said he would only write a letter ifjudge asked.Since last august mycarers and I have been collating evidence.Nightmare.

    I go to court 9 to 12 weeks from now.my lawyer told me unless you have Cancer with proof you have Less than 6 months to live you wont ģet back car and benefits.I have been ill since 1997.

    Good luck Norma

  • It's wrong. People who are entitled to these benefits can not get them

  • You can't go wrong by looking at benefitsandwork.com. This is a site which has so much information about applying for benefits. It costs £19.99 to join but it is money well spent. I know it seems as though you are panicking but you can take control by getting as much information and evidence as you can in advance. I can't promise that you will get PIP but if you read all there is on the website above you will have made the very best application which will give you a much better chance of success.

    Yes, letters from anyone you see to do with your condition/s. Just send a copy of everything. My own experience with CAB was not good. I didn't get any benefits when they 'helped' me but when I found B&W and also a local private benefits adviser I sailed through without an appeal.

    I wish you all the best. I know from experience how you are feeling and how easy it is to just want to give up. That is what they want so don't give in to them.

    Why should we have to grovel so for benefits when others seem to get everything land in their lap. These changes to benefits aren't weeding out the crooks. They are still laughing all the way to the bank while those of us who are legitimate cases are being denied what we desperately need. It is all wrong.

    Anyway, have a look at that site. There is a very good forum there as well for members to ask any questions. The advice downloads take you all through the application process even to the point of what to say! I'm not connected with them in any way other than being a member but it is such a good site run by disabled lawyers who know everything about benefits inside out and backwards!!

    Enough of me rambling! I'll go now. Good luck!


  • Thank youmaggie norma.x

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