Pain in and around chest area

I've been getting pain in and around my chest. It's been happening for a while, but hasn't been to noticeable until recently. I am overweight but I'm doing something about it. But recently when I get the pain it is getting more noticeable and I do get breathless. Not due to see My rhumy till end of next month. Anybody else had similar problem. Thanks


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8 Replies

  • I'd see someone faster about chest pains. It might not be rheumy-related, and, in general, much better not to wait for something like that. Hope this helps

  • Thank you I will get sorted quicker

  • Hi tea party

    Worsening chest pain with breathlessness needs checking pronto!. A&E if necessary. I had this for a long time before doctors acknowledged it was inflammation of heart and lung lining and it was successfully treated after loads of tests!. There are a myriad of possibilities for these symptoms but anything that worsens needs checking especially chest!. Good luck. X

  • Thank you I will.

  • I get this sometimes and for me it's pleurisy. I would get it checked, even for piece of mind. Even though I know what it is now, it's very unsettling. However, for me it's harmless. Yea!


  • I get pleurisy and also the joints in my chest (where the ribs meet the breast bone) become inflamed. If I get it bad they usually up my steroids, but as others have said a trip to your GP or A&E is a good idea incase it's something different. My other half had a 'heart episode' and didn't go to hospital straight away, he went 4 days later and it turned out he'd had a heart attack. He then ended up having a stroke a week later and spent 4 weeks in hospital learning to walk and feed himself again. (Not trying to frighten you, but please get it checked out just incase, realy not worth leaving it.

    I hope all goes well.

  • All I get of my doctors is its viral let your immune system sort it. This has happened the last couple of times. So I just wonder why I bother 😯. Thank you

  • Hi I thought I'd let you all know I had a little infection in my lungs. Still not quite right. Also having ecg just to be sure. Thank you all

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