Hi..am I going crazy.. I am so sore...please ...help

OK so some that knew me....I started with pain I'm my 20 s....ribb.. Back pain..on few years.. No one said what's up....32 ish had a MRI had a operations.. Left worse.told spine of 65 year old...started to feel in well..flu.??and believe me I've been in bed for 3 week n my 20 s with flu...?OK so last year couldn't sit down.....sick with pain...MRI showed disc excursion sitting non my s1 nurve..physio said normally men who body build get.. Had to wait 6 month for my op date felt better so left it.?..saw physio he thought I had a.s...had a MRI. Told had spondyarthrites. ..3 levels?? Socoliss??that's nt what need advice for????.April felt very very unmwell my face keeps going red...did in my 20 s..doc same d its my nose????deer.?well had a sore trougt sore ears ..my joints hurt so bad.?oh my bone is sicking out my wrist ..my fingers feel boney???? My brain goes co ko....my hairs falling out..?I haven't moved off sofa since April feel poorly...can't work at no.?feel bad skint..?yold had fribo....but no tender points...my family paying for me to see a sepicist wednesday.?..in m.e..?etc..my gp didnt really want me too go..has says its with my chronic pain.... My face does go red...but????god help..I've 3 kids...!2 ausitic need to!be normal.....even for Xmas..??this Dr spikit Kent to be very good.?he's NHS wait list is July now..so I am lucky family helping....I've gone from being so fit..sore back don't get wrong..my fingers are swollen on hand were bone looks like sticking out too???? Advice please begging......feels like my muscles giving up too?!! Need advice ....xxxxx

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  • Hi louiseamos,

    I'm glad to hear that you will be seeing a specialist, though it is a shame your family has had to pay for this to happen. Hopefully they will help you achieve a diagnosis for everything that has been happening. Do you need one of our free lupus information packs? If you do, just send me a private message or email paul@lupusuk.org.uk with your name and address.

  • Thank you. Paul-Howard.... Yes I knew...my gp..said she don't think I needed to go ..but she's been off last 7!8! Month...things got really bad.. Said she would send me...but will be July next year waiting list......if he can help is a different story.... I've been waiting 4 month now to see a rumotigist.... Haven't even had letter yet.... She said could be next year...?????been round.and round..I knew NHS is running out a money..??but if I am not well..who will look after my kids...boys will heed 24! Hour care...so need right..or too knew what's wrong!!!!fingers crossed...bless you

  • P.s..get numbers..in hands..legs..head aces.. Shooting pains in elbows... Ears... Why are my bones sticking out my wrists.. Fingers..and feel like really I'll....oh had real bad bowel props last few months....thank god my own gp back..if goes again..I am looking for new one..its been bad..I am crying right now....what xxxx wrong with me.......

  • Ohhhhhh seems like ur going through a lot right now, I went to the gp afew years back complaining with cold feet and blue feet. Gp said it was circulation and sent me off few year later was dignosed with lupus was on my death bed befor they Nw what was wrong, it's a good thing your going to see a specialist get a dignose ASAP and good luck hang in there.....xxxxx

  • Maninshah.. Thank you..my 13 year old feet..toes goes blue..when say blue...its blue.black!!!when go younger kept getting red face.. Rash all over...done constant mouth do not sores.....April this year I thought I was dieing!!!!the sweat pooring out a me.....feels like my muscles are faling..... M y bloods they took think are normal!!!! My fingers at the joints are swollen!! My brains gone!!going!! The sepeclist I am seeing is in m.e.fribo???so not sure...?I've pictures on my phone of face..hands.. I feel poorly.? And worse my daughter is having simular stuff going on!!!!your advice???????

  • It looks as if you might have an allergy. Try and avoid nickel and steroids. Use cream for psoriasis.

  • I suggest you go down to the A&E and refuse to go home. If I was in ur state and not feeling well I would, docs say nothing's wrong but there always is.

  • Mainshah..I've got this sepeclist at Newcastle tomorrow night.....I feel! Its props waste time as they only deal in m.e.fribo??? I feel something's going on bad...like can't hold phone for long as my

    ?y arm aces??my wrist has a warrior lump sticking out can't move it...??my fingers hurt real bad.?feel ill! Arrrr.....I will not be happy at my gp if they could of done something..? Years ago..s.atarted with ribb pain years ago......?????

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