Garlic ... does it spark flares??

Happy New Year everyone. I was googling things that help with an upset stomach the other day and randomly came across this article

Is it true that we are meant to avoid garlic and can it spark flares? It never occurred to me before but since my teens I've been unable to touch garlic at all and it's a nightmare as it's hidden in literally everything. Within a few hours of accidentally eating it I'll double up with REALLY bad stomach cramps and either end up with diarohhea or vomiting. It's never occurred to me before that it could be my body flaring because of it.

Anyone else get the same or am I alone in this one?

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  • It sounds like you may be allergic to garlic. I'm so sorry. I love garlic. But I will read your link.

  • Definitely not allergic as was tested for it - it doesn't happen every time either but I've no idea what sparks it and what doesn't. All very odd but it boosting my immune system might make sense

  • I read that garlic which promotes helping us and normal humans and alfalfa sprouts which also promote helping us is a trigger for our anti-auto immune system thing my bobs. I don't know how to describe it but anything that is good for us that promotes healthy and is an antibiotic or whatever can trigger my immune system to go into overdrive so I have to not add Extra

    Some multivitamins are formulated with alfalfa sprouts so now I stare clear of them. Because I must've read the same article that you read I don't even want to take a chance on getting another flare.

    thanks for posting that

    have a happy new year

  • I spend a lot of time with people telling me I should try blah blah blah because it's good for the immune system and trying to explain to them I don't want it boosted I want it reduced 😊

  • Oh thanks for posting! I had already realised garlic and I were not enjoying a healthy relationship! Onions also are not my friend :( tomatoes either . I started looking at these foods as my sister goes into anaphylaxis if she has them. I cannot tolerate peppers either - chilli, bell, etc. Paprika is a big no no. I think I read somewhere these foods are all related? Potato is also related to peppers I think and guess what. Raw potatoes make my hands burn and eyes swell up. Thank goodness I can eat them though!

  • I've not noticed anything obvious with anything else - I can't deal with a lot of chilli or anything else spicy for that matter but I can eat it. I don't like tomatoes anyway so no idea what they would do. Paprika I seem to be ok with as far as I know.

    I think I may start looking more into this too and keeping a better eye on what foods might be triggers without me being conscious of it 😊

  • I think it is well worth looking at the little things we add to our food. You think herbs and spices are perfectly innocuous, but then look at ayurveda or herbalism and you realise they can affect you - for good or bad!

  • Wow thought it was just me that this happened to I can't eat garlic, leeks or onions. If I do accidentally 2hrs later I have the worst stomach cramps and then upset stomach. I try to stay clear of them as much as I can 😃

  • I've not noticed the same problems with onions or leeks although I have started to feel nauseous at leeks lately so maybe my body is trying to tell me something. But garlic yep - 2 to 4 hours and that's it I'm doubled up with either upset stomach or being sick. Not every time though which is odd as I don't know what sparks t and what doesn't

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