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Dry annoying cough

Good morning

You prob know me from on here but if not I have Lupus with an overlap disease of Sjogrens & hypothyroidism.

For few months now have been struggling with a dry persistent cough which is affecting my sleep more than usual. I generally don't get a good night as Is.

Does anyone on here get this annoying dry cough and if so any helpful suggestions on what to take to ease it. Have tried dry cough mixture but it appears to have only a temporary affect. Did ask GP but get the answer that "oh it's prob to do with the Sjogrens, can be a common side affect"

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Hope you all managed to enjoy your Christmas or at least some of it. Wishing a happy & healthy new year to you all.


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Do you have a humidifier in your bedroom? Just seems to me if the cough is dry, and Sjorgrens is a 'dry' condition, that may help. Also, if you prop yourself up on pillows is it better? Finally, may even be a symptom of asthma so might be as well to check that out. Hope that helps.

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I havent been diagnosed yet, but I have had a HORRIBLE dry cough for for weeks, and every time it gets better, i get struck with another viral infections and then along comes another cough, so basically I have been coughing for 6 months.

A remedy i find helpful is ANYTHING really hot. So tea or even just hot water. Sip it slowly especially before bed.

Also I prop myself up with an extra pillow at night. Lying flat is terrible when you have a cough. Have you had a chest xray?

I know its tough. I cough so much i wanna throw up.


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I too have been having this dry cough each night, I sometimes take Night Nurse and I will sleep for longer before the coughing starts and then I have to get up before I wake my husband (who goes to work so need a good night's sleep).

Hot drinks does help to stop the coughing and I am waiting for a Air purifier to be delivered that I have bought on the internet. I do sleep in an adjustable bed because the lupus has damage my lungs (pulmonary fibrosis).

Two weeks ago I was coughing up awful stuff on the morning I went to see my Rheumatologist and Lung Physician together and I was given antibiotics (which has helped). My GP said they don't prescribe cough meds anymore, you have to buy it at the pharmacy.

The coughing does cause me to throw up at times and it can happen even when I'm sitting upright watching TV.

I just seem to be going from one virus to another but that's also because of my immune system.

Praying we will all have a Happy and Healthy New Year

Love to all.


Thanks for all you comments and useful suggestions. I have just invested in an air purifier online, thanks to suggestion from Maureenpearl,so hopefully will help in some way. There were so many to choose from was a bit of a minefield but went with best customer feedback reviews, cross fingers. Will also invest in some decent cough meds & know Night Nurse is good. Will also try the extra pillow suggestion. Willing to try whatever may assist.

Appreciated 😀


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