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Thankyou everybody who has helped advise me about daughters high school

Thankyou to all who have advised on my last post. It is really amazing that people take time out to help strangers. I have emailed her high school today to request meeting with Head / Deputy Head . I have emailed doctors to request all her symptoms are documented correctly and we plough ahead with finding answers. My daughter managed a full day at school , she couldn't eat breakie , or anything all day until got home , she is suffering but wanted to try her best to do a full day . When someone has so many symptoms it is a long journey , it's a minefield to navigate your way thru on the path to diagnosis, you are in unknown territory and you find your allies and enemies not always where you expect them to be !!!! But my advise to all is keeping going, trust your parental instincts , or gut instincts , and then try to help others from your experiences. Just like people are helping me now . X

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Go for it! X


Hi please see your last post for my late reply. I hope it helps.


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