Reappearing petechia rash

Reappearing petechia rash


Just looking to see if anyone else has a petechia rash that keeps reappearing? It's weird as I always get it on just one of my shoulders once or twice a month but at the moment I currently have it on my chin, it always fades away after 2-3 days but just don't understand why it keeps appearing? Best way to describe it is as though iv been leaning on a hairbrush or something, Iv had it on and off for last year or so every month after the birth of my 2nd son, I'm 23 and female so not sure if it's something hormone related and I'm the worse for googling when all I see is blood cancer as a cause! So just wanted to know if this is common for anyone else.. Have attached a photo of it below on my chin.

Thanks in advance!

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  • Your rash doesn't look like my petichia. Mine looked like very small black and blue spots. In my case it was a combination of sun plus pressure. For instance the pressure of my purse on my shoulder. Have you looked up petichia on Google images?

  • Hi I too get a petechial rash quite often on my legs !

  • Me too 👋

  • I have that usually on my left arm. I seem to have a sensitivity on that arm - pain, tingling, numbness etc. Do you have hypermobility/Ehler Danlos? I always attributed it to that. No doctor explained its cause to me.

  • Yes that's exactly where I get it on my left arm! But for first time it's on my chin it's very strange..But yes Mostly on my left shoulder and sometimes down the arm but no I don't have that any of those things so I'm not sure what's it's about it just randomly pops up couple times a month, can't work it out!.

  • hi I have hypermobile joints / lupus. not sure why this happens though !

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