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Chlorine and DLE Lupus

Hi I was wondering if anyone found that chlorine aggravated their DLE lupus skin marks. Also if I exercise in the gym and get sweaty my red marks seem redder. They always seem paler first thing in the morning. I am using Elocon at the moment which has stopped the itching and faded the scars slightly. Think I may need to stronger cream to fade them more.

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They will probably appear redder when you exercise because that makes your blood vessels in the skin dilate - and your skin flushes anyway.


hey can u tell me the exact meaning of dle .cause I have bad scars in my skin.they look black or violet sometimes.they gave me pain.sometimes I also see red marks on my skin Bt that stay jzt for one day or for hours after sometime they gone .but some scars always remain.they are like black scars and I need a solution for this.but my doctor says u are on medicine so it will comtrol your disease.when it is in control all your scars will gone .but I I am just fed up .whta u do exactly with your skin problems??


Ive had red scars for many years and nobody seemed to know why, I thought it was because my skin was dehydrated but after seeing a skin specialist for laser treatment they suggested I was tested for lupus and hey ho they were correct I tested positive for DLE lupus which is an auto immune disease that attacks the skin. It started on my forehead left me with a little bald patch then attacked three patched on my face. I saw a dermatologist who said no to laser treatment but prescribed me Elocon cream, they have faded a tiny bit but because they are flat they cover up well with concealer. I use Jane Iredale circle delete it's brill. I haven't heard of black marks but concealer will make them appear lighter.

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ooh actually I have severe fever and unbearable pain in my hand ,hip,leg.back.exactly in my muscles and u the scars gave me much pain but I didn't understand that the scars was giving me such pain.and now I have black scars and they get warm sometimes.did u ever feel warmness in your scar or any parts of your body/??I feel the warm feeling in my muscle sometimes.not everywhere...exactly in my scars.


My scars were once a bit sore, then itchy now can't feel a thing they just look horrible


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