Chest Pain

I am also having chest pain on the upper right side of my chest, it has been going on for a few months now off and on. I have been to 2 doctors now who disregard it as muscular pain caused by stress and or anxiety. I feel so much better now that I know that I am not losing my mind and other people are experiencing this. I don't even feel stressed much. It really scares me

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  • That's the good thing with this site. Sharing symptoms, experiences, and meds. Unless someone has lupus, they can never understand fully. Don't always rely on other members with things like chest pain though. Your Dr has okayed you, but if symptoms change, or pain moves, go back to them, just to be safe. Take care xxxx

  • Hi b glen

    Have you told your Rheumy Consultant about this chest pain?. Lupus can give it in many different ways and I'm wondering if you could get your treatment changed to help it. I have chest pain that's in a different place and responds to extra steroids as it's inflammation of the heart lining.

    If the pain suddenly changed or got worse you must get it checked in A&E. Hope I've helped.

  • I have this as well. Rheumy diagnosed it as costochondritis which you may want to google. Mine affects my whole rib age though. It is part of the whole lupus picture xx

  • Hi I have chest pain to on over exertion sometimes with little exertion got the spray and the tablets had a angiogram results good waiting to see cardiologist g

  • I have the same pain but nothing seems to take it away had some steroids but still there I think I just have to live with it

  • I am not trying to scare you but if all the usual stuff has been tried and failed, there MAYBE a chance that it is a PE. Have you had the tests for sticky blood. It is something that should be tested for as it is not uncommon amongst lupus patients.

  • I get chronic chest pain too. Ive had loads of tests ecgs, xrays, scans & all have showed nothing. It comes on every few days although i think its much worse when i over exert myself. Ive made a dash to a&e a couple of times because it is so frightening! I take Naproxen & amitriptyline for the pain daily and this helps ease the pain. It just seems to be a lupus symptom! But it worries me that how will i ever know if it is serious like a heart attack! Rheummy says it inflammation around heart & lungs! For me its definitely not anxiety related i hate when gp suggests that! Hope this helps.

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