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When to take them?


I take hydroxychloroquine daily and low dose aspirin for Lupus and anti- phospholipid syndrome.

Last winter my consultant recommended doubling the hydroxchloroquine in the colder months as my hands become swollen bruised and very tender. Is it best to take the 2 tablets together in the morning or to take 1 in the morning and 1 at night?

Thank you

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Hi madelinechristey

I take hydroxy for RA.I always took mine 2 in the morning mostly because I took my other meds at that time so was unlikely to forget then.

My gp and rheumatologist have both told me to,take the dose as half in the morning and the second half of the dose in the evening. I.e 1 tablet in morning 1,tablet in evening

Hope this helps



thank you , that is helpful

I take one with breakfast and one with Tea, that works well for me. My rhumy said to take them separately because sometimes taken together you can feel nauseous.

Hope that helps

thank you Daisy

You are welcome x

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