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Medications you take and why

Morning everyone,

Ok so in February i had been unwell abd bloods etc taken and i had a low positive (35) double d stranded dna abd my gp referred me to rheumatology as i had previous been to gp in kast two yr with unexplained tiredness and body weakness/aches...

I have seen rhema and she has completed more tests lung function, xrays mote specific bloods etc abd says she wants to start me on medications when blood come back and she see what proteins are the issue??

What meds do people take for lupus and do work?

I shud have said i keep every few weeks having a flare up og vasculitis in lower legs.

Many thanks

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I had the same result of going to dr with fatigue pain in joints and muscles then on a visit to dermatology with wife had appointment he told me to go to dr and get refured to him 2 month later I was refured to rumi,then I was put on hydroxy for 6 mth then methatrexate folic acid which has made a difference and just last week went on methatrexate injections but to side effects depending on which consultant I see they think it's lupus of ctd hope this helps

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I'm on a Prednisolone taper and about to start on Hydroxy. For Lupus. Still waiting to see if that works, and for how long. The Pred is hard work, since it deals with some symptoms and has also produced new ones (such as not sleeping).

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My rheumy started me on hydroxy straight away. It took time to have an effect for me, but has helped.


I started on Hydroxy and steroids, Azathioprine was added much later.


Haven't found anything yet that helps me only makes me sicker. I do my best to eat good whole organic food and avoid all the junk that is supposed to pass as food. I even have to stop eating and rest sometimes to allow my body to concentrate on digestion. Drugs are ok for the first dose and then my body starts to react to them.


Benepali - anti-TNF inhibitor, tramadol for pain, probiotics for digestion, iron tabs for low iron, magnesium and selenium as deficient in both, B-complex on advice from rheumy. I now avoid bread as I developed a faction possibly to bread and processed wheat products (not full coeliacs, just notice I want to sleep for hours if I eat toast or a sandwich).


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