I feel a need to share this....i am going to a new dr that told me herh story...she all of a sudden got fatigue tired muscle aches hair loss skin issues you name it and kept getting worse....she went to one dr after another and each wanted to label it and give her pills but she said she knew there had to be a cause but everyone brushed that off so she went back to school to add a naturpath license to her MD license and MOLD kept coming up with so many symptoms so she checked for mold at her home calling in a mold removal company that come to your house and check moisture levels etc and she was shocked. they found it in her walls of her home and although she couldnt see it , she as sick as a dog already diagnose with auto immune and RA etc and could barely walk......it is also common to find it in air ducts and heat /air units etc bathroom , etc......long story short...she is completely well now and wonders how many are misdiagnosed....they are a list of many systems you can google and everyone doesnt have all of them and also sometimes one person is highly sensitive to it so a husband may be fine and the wife deathly ill ...etc....like in her case ....the list of systems are auto immune, sinus, ear ringing, aches and pains, hair loss thinning, sudden weight gain or loss, headaches, GOOGLE THE LIST.....and everyone please look for mold or check our your homes closely...i was shocked we found it in our ductwork...the a/c unit was pulling the moisture out of the air properly

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  • Are you suggesting mold is causing our diagnosis or adding additional suppression to them?

  • I believe my mold exposure added symptoms to my lupus, but it was not the cause of it.

    Our furnace was leaking and it was not until I actually saw the mold, we knew why our symptoms were made worse by the mold exposure.

    Our house was tested and deemed unlivable. We lost many possessions when we moved into a small apt. But our health improved. The medical community is not educated about mold here where we live.

    My daughter and I lived in the mold house for 8+ years. I developed lung cancer and my daughter had 2 sinus surgeries.

    We live in a rural Town and went to a large city to form medical teams to help us with our symptoms. We had: severe fatigue, sinus infections, asthma, & asthmatic broncitis, earaches, etc. No one knew the protocol for treating us. We moved to the apt in 2011, and have slowly begun to feel better. The hard symptom is the unrelenting fatigue. I have had lupus since 1995, and my daughter was diagnosed with RA in 2011. She had been complaining about sore joints to her PCP for 3 years and I finally took her to my Rheumatologist. She was diagnosed quickly with RA and must have had it the entire time she complained to the PCP.

    I don't believe the mold was a cause of our auto-immune diseases but it did contribute to our symptoms. This was our experience, everyone is different.

  • My son lived in an apartment that had mold in the shower--water leaked into the adjoining room and mold covered his shoes, got on everything. He was so ill--he had something on the bottom of his feet--it affected his brain, every part of his body. I complained to the manager, went to City Hall and told the right people, had him move. It is a horrible thing--mold affects every part of your body. After moving, his feet cleared up and he felt much better. Get away from the mold--it is horrible. I have lived in moldy apartments, moldy house and was ill the whole time. Thank God I got away from it. Thank you for alerting us. I had put it out of my mind for a while. We need to be warned.

  • When my "autoimmune" (didn't know WHAT they were symptoms of at the time) symptoms first popped up I was living in a house that had a faulty foundation and the floors were damp - wet all the time. I was sure we had mold and it was the cause of my symptoms. We finally moved and I expected to get better. Instead I was getting worse. This new house also had water issues (the roof was leaking into the walls). So again, we thought mold. We moved AGAIN. Within a yr of moving, I was given a tentative diagnosis of Fibromyalgia, but after MRI's and nerve and numbing symptoms, I was diagnosed w/ MS. This house, btw, ALSO had mold issues due to leaky pipes in both bathrooms. An entire floor had to be quarantined and replaced in one. (yes, I know....'water issues' follow me!). We are now in a new house for the past almost 5 mos. There are no leaks and it has tested clear. Unfortunately some of my symptoms are still prevalent. I have tried to stop taking one my meds that helps the nerve, joint & headache pain, but they come back full force. I still suspect mold and am hoping in a year I will find my symptoms gone....I can always hope, right? But my point is, MOLD causes a myriad of health issues that you would never think of! It is horrible and even if your house doesn't APPEAR to have moisture, please check! The smallest crack can allow moisture build up over time. And moisture = MOLD!

  • Thank you this is very helpful information.

  • My doc was extremely ill and diagnosed with all sorts of things. She wasn't getting any better so tried a different approach by analyzing what her body was subjected to. During medical school she ate alot of tinned tuna and instant meals, noodles etc. Started eating more fruits and veggies, all organic, and sidestepping wheat. 100% improvement, but it took much tinkering and study on her part. I had the same experience with food allergies, yet went from one diagnosis to another. Many drugs etc. I got fed up and after five years of intense study, listening to my body and getting rid of every drug, I am now healthy. "Betrayal" is on Utube and is well worth watching. I don't want to get so sick that I earn a label and by doing so might end up on the medical freight train with a wrong diagnosis. Inappropriate treatment can do lots of harm. Educate yourself.

  • I'm glad to see news spreading. My autoimmune disorders went ugly after exposure at a hotel I had to stay in for a few months. Lupus wasn't a diagnosis of mine but it is now. I went into shock several months after leaving there making drs guess at everything. It pushed Mr over the edge and almost didn't survive it. My leg function is still bad, arrms a wreck, back a mess, andvworse is new shellfish allergy I had right after the sepsis. This stuff is crazy, my heart breaks with the loss of our abilities and daily enjoyment. I hope it gets better for us and our doctors find a better solution to heal us.


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