Bath problems

Hello Everyone........I have strayed into the Lupus site although I 'only' have Sjogren's.

You are the most active site and from what I have seen before we share lots of the same problems.

What has brought me here todayare the problems of getting out of the bath. I can get in easily but when I try to get out my legs are too weak to get from crouching to standing.

I should add that I am rather overweight and 73 years old.

If I knew I was not the only one having this problem I would feel a bit better. We have been through all the gadgets and so on but none of them seem to be any help.

I love having a hot soak as it makes me feel much better all round but it seems I will have to shower instead.

Today, although I got out eventually with my husband's help ,it has made me cry and that isn't very becoming when you're in your seventies !

As someone on radio always ended by saying ' If you have been, thanks for listening !'

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  • There's no "just" about Sjogrens Bones-Bones. I first came here with RA and have ended up here with Sjogrens instead!

    Your problems getting out of the bath really remind me of my late mum - who lived alone and felt exactly the same way about baths as you. Sadly she died suddenly at 73 so we never got a chance to find a soutution for her. I have no answers for you if you have tried all the home adaptions

    Perhaps install an extra good shower which has a nice deep tray for your feet to warm up in? Then an electric blanket to stay warm in afterwards.

    I got stuck in a bath when my Sjogrens RA was bad in shoulders and arms six years ago. I ended up having to propel myself out by brute force when my boys all came home - I'd used up all the hot water and couldn't bear the thought of having to ask my husband to assist. He walked in and found me sobbing on the floor like a beached whale! 😱I was 47 at the time.

    Arthritis and Sjogrens can strip one of all dignity whatever age we are.

  • Hello bones-bones . It's great that you've e found your way to this group - you will feel very supported now. I help look after an elderly gentleman (86) who has mobility problems and is extremely overweight. He arranged for a company called Willowbrook to install (relatively affordably) a wide belt across the bath which is battery operated and goes gently from taut to slack as it lowers him into the bath and vice versa. The only problem he has had is that he lets the belt wrinkle so that it isn't wide enough to support his bottom and he has at times slipped off the belt when sitting on the bottom of the bath thus it can't winch him back up again. He lives alone and there is no way he could enjoy a bath without this.

    Best wishes, Clare X

  • Why do you say you have rejected "all the gadgets"? They are so varied there must be something to allow you a good soak. Mind you, as someone who last had a bath over 10 years ago - I do like my shower! And a good big shower that has room to place a plastic garden chair in it allows a lovely long luxurious shower!!!!!!

  • Oo, I really sympathise, bonesbones. I have forgotten what 'relaxed' feels like, and most days, sinking into a warm bath is the only time when i feel any relief from constant aches and pains.

    Do you mean that you have tried even the more sophisticated aids like a bath lift? There are quite a lot of options that work by lowering and raising you from a sitting position so that you wouldn't have to bend your knees beyond 90 degrees?

  • Have you been refered to the occupational therapist for assessment? Its difficult to find one that lowers you right down into bath but they might be able to help with advise. I love getting into the shower in the morning as the hot water helps to get me started for the day ahead. If a seat would work in your shower its another possibility? I wish you good luck with finding an answer xx

  • I remember seeing an advert on tv for a bath with a door? You just walk in and there is a seat in it that's raised off the bottom so you can stand up when finished and walk out. Sorry I can't remember who the company was but I'm sure it shouldn't be too hard to find perhaps on google or something? Shame if you have to miss out on a nice relaxing bath when your muscles are aching mad.

  • If you are in the UK - getting a copy of "People's Friend" will provide you with ads from most of the companies that do bath aids and such baths!

  • The only thing with that is you get cold whilst waiting for the bath to fill and empty.

  • Hi bonesbones, I have the same problem and have sjogrens, I was given an electric bath chair that lifts me down and up and has made life so much easier, though it's not like having a good soak at least it gets me clean, most times I can manage on my own but if my legs are feeling heavy with the chair in the up position I can get help just lifting my legs out of the bath. The occupational health helped me to get this, can the OT do that for you? Showers exhaust me much more that a bath. Really hope you can get some help.

  • Sjogrens is enough to cope with st any age! I have same symptoms especially weak arms. I put a special seat in the bath - get the mobility people to come in and assess you. I have a shower unless it is a "good" day. Good luck

  • Hi,

    It is no fun not being able to do things we used to enjoy, but gradually you need to put your safety first.

    I love a warm bath and soak, but have been unable to do this for some time.

    You could as mentioned have a shower and stool to sit on which is more relaxing, and sit in a chair and soak your feet in warm water.

    It is really about finding out ways to replace a bath.

    If you could afford a massage neck shoulders, or feet, this can also be very relaxing, and can be done in your own home.your husband might even be able help out.

    I know this is not helping you get in or out of your bath, but finding things that help you relax and keep you SAFE are by far more important.

    Best wishes Sandy x

  • Thank you so much for your replies....they made me feel a lot better. Yesterday I was ready to throw in the towel but it was out of reach !

    You gave me lots of helpful encouragement and today we have bought a second hand inflatable coushion which apparently whooshes you out of the bath with one puff.....we'll see.

    I see my lovely rheumatologist on Wednesday so that's good.

    Bless you all.

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