Not sure what to do about possible lupus

Hi all, Firstly sorry for this life storey but this may take a while to explain.

I was told last year after an operation to remove a skin leision (looked like a cluster of very small warts) that they think I may have lupus. This op has left me with a rarther large scar on my arm for my upcomming wedding! Since then I have got on with my normal life but the last few months noticed I have been really tired and quite depressed which is not like me at all. My history goes like this, knee and wrists problems (which was put down to repetative strain and under developed cartalidge) stomach pains and bowel problems (after a camera and taking biopseys of what im not sure) they came back inconclusive. I myself thought this could be damage from years of taking diclophenic. Then I began with eye problems swelling for no reason, eyes drying so much they scracthed the surface of my eye ball leaving me with bad vision. I then became allergic to lots of very different things suddely, ibroprophen, coconut milk, certain materials. My face began breaking out into dry skin rashes. Which I was told was late puberty and to not wear make up at all! ( This is at 23 when I very obviously hit puberty at 13) I have had menstral problems for years and years but since my skin problems and allegys started I am not longer able to use the pill in any form and had a coil put in which gave me excrusiating pains, went missing and took them 6 months to eventually take out. Then I had a borderline smear and when I have since had a clear one the nurse mentioned lupus can cause this. After all this and now my fatigue and feeling like im constantly under a black cloud im worried about going to the doctors and mentioning the lupus. I dont think im ill enough for it to be lupus compared to some of the stories I have read on here but on the other hand dont want to leave things this way. I want children as soon as were married and am now worrying about this side of things too!

From your experiences what do you think I should do?

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With all that history and the fact that you were told you may have lupus, would it be wise to ask for some diagnostic tests to be done? Don't be worried about going to your doctors. What is best for you is important. If it isn't lupus then the black cloud may lift and if it is then you know what you are dealing with and can get the right treatment.

Many of us experienced all sorts of strange medical problems before being finally diagnosed with lupus.


Thanks I think I will, Im just worried after everything that the doctors have being seeing me for lately I didnt want to go in and have them roll their eyes you know.


You must go back to the doctors, all the things you describe are Lupus like symtoms and if they have already mentioned it I would definately ask for further investigation. Hope you get and asnwer soon, take care and be well x


interesting comment about the smear results. i had a few abnormal results and the one day out the blue it came back normal. i had convinced myself it was because i had shingles at the time-but dr said not


Thanks for all your replies.

I went to the doctors on Friday and her first reaction was maybe you have SAD. (Which I was a bit miffed at cos I dont really think that the way I was feeling had anything to do with SAD.) When I told her about the rash on my face that comes and goes and other symptoms she said well I dont know how to test for lupus havnt got a clue so how about we have you in on Wednesday and check your hemogloben levels. So thats where I'm at, think if I take her the diagnostic tests list from NHS online she will think it helpful or like im telling her how to do her job?


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