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Trying to figure it out!!!

Sooooo.... I take all kinds of meds to help with Lupus, on top of that I still get aches n pains. Different places sometimes. I take IB n Tylenol to help with pain, but that don't help. They say your meds that you take should help control you pain. Has any of you go thru that, still have pain. Even though they say some of your meds should control it. Am wondering if I can ask for stronger pain meds to help other than IB or Tylenol. Sometimes I get Tramadol but also that don't last long. Who be the one to ask my Rhumey or my regular doc. And should they be able to give me, cuz they don't really know how we go thru when we home, especially at nights, trying to get comfy but you hurting somewhere. Please lmk thank you.

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