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So I've been suffering from back pain, but it's usually my back it starts from my hip moves from left to right or right to left. But for 2 days I had it from my left back n goes all the way to shoulder n to my chest. Between my boob n armpit. Told the ER doctor, n than she tells me it's just a muscle spasm. There's nothing we can do for back pains. That I need to not lift anything over 5 pounds n I was really seriously. I have a 1 yr old baby who wants me a Time n you want me to leave her crying cuz I can't lift anything over 5 pounds. Omg I was so mad at her told her I have lupus n she said it's not lupus that's causing you. Just take IB n muscle relaxers n you'll be fine. Ugh! When I try to talk her but she wouldn't let me. She just keeps talking n saying different things. When she was still saying something I just rolled my eyes n said to my husband let's go. I was just mad cuz am In pain n no medicine that they gave were working. Tramadol wasn't helping n I thought she would have a least gave me something stronger n a different meds for lupus. I just had deal my pain today n who knows tomorrow how it be.

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  • I would say it is just a muscle spasm! My back has gone into spasm and dislocated 2 of my ribs what worked was pain killers muscle relaxant ( which can make you very drowsy) and rest , which is not easy with a family. I really hope this settles down quickly as the pain is severe xx

  • Blimey, that must have been a hell of a spasm, WV, to dislocate ribs!

  • It was! All i did was reach for a towel-and then agony.

  • I thought the same thing!

  • I agree with what the others have said. Muscle spasm is extremely ,and I mean extremely!, painful. My husband gets it all the time and one time it happened when he was in the car and it took two paramedics to extract him. And there is nothing they can do for it other than anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxants, and rest! Very painful. I hope it gets better for you.

  • Hi jo25

    Has the spasm started to settle down yet! It can take a while for the muscle relaxers to work.

  • No they haven't, seems like they getting worst.

  • If things are getting worse you should go to A&E and see if can get x-ray, may be orthopedic cause?

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