Me too.....being listened to at last!

I seem to have similar results as megs;)

I was at the hospital in Zürich today which was quite an ordeal, took over 2 hours to get there by bus,train and tram. And getting shoved along with the xmas crowds was horrendous. Managed to get through with the help of my crutches...very handy for crowd control!

But all was worth it. 3 docs went through the list with me and discussed each item. The conclusion was that they want me to go in and stay, so they can assess me properly and give me the right meds. That is a real breakthrough and has made my xmas:)

Will keep you updated at some stage but in the meantime I wish all of you as little pain as poss and lots of fun and laughter over the hols.

Take care


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  • Yey :-) soooo pleased for you hun! I love reading positive stories on here and so glad someone else has something positive to share today too :-) merry christmas xxx

  • Hi Ursi, so pleased that you too are being listened to. It gives us all so much hope too. So glad you are getting the right treatment too and sorry you had such a horrible journey though x

  • Brilliant news, when are you going? Presumably in the New Year? Have you been told to take anything until then, for the pain if not for anything else?

  • Probably in jan, they have already taken bloods. She said the results would be ready for when i go in. Need to stay on the 20 steroids till then and got stuff for pain.

    How's you?

  • Can't breathe that well and I feel like I have the worst flu but I think/hope it is down to steroids withdrawal, I've stopped them few days back and usually takes a bit before the glands realise they need to work harder. I hope all ok for Xmas.

    Good progress with the hospital, if they've already taken blood for tests, you will probably have CT scans, X-rays, MRI, etc when they take you in. It took me about a month of to and fro between the various tests and rheumatologist, so doing it all in one go will be so much better.

    Take care, Ursi x

  • Can just see you forging your way through the crowds! Very happy for you: congratulations!

  • :)

  • Brilliant ursi, the ball is rolling, may it continue 2 do so & u get the answers & help u need ;0) x

  • So so pleased for you, hope you have a pain free Christmas and New Year x x x

  • thanks everybody :)

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