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PIP update

Last week I asked for a bit of advice as my DLA had stopped and I was applying for PIP. I joined Benefits forWork as I had seen it mentioned in previous posts. It cost £19. I just wanted to say that I think that this site is a rip off as it charges you for information that you can get for free elsewhere. The DWP website provides the same information plus a bit more and the form that you get to apply for PIP is very comprehensive. I have contacted my local council Welfare Rights group and they will help me fill it in. I just wanted to n make you aware that I believe that the BfW site takes advantage of anxious, poorly people when they are feeling vulnerable.

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Thank you for that. I get news letters from them which gives information and have thought for a long time about joining them. I will not pay out now money that I cannot really afford.

Thank you

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I have been on their site for several years, which you can do without being a member, (you just can't join in or make comments) and I have found it very informative. It gives the latest news about the DWP, particularly ways to get around things and new developments, lets face it the DWP are not going to tell you are they?

As I have not paid any money out and actually do not feel the need to, I think I am reaping their advice. You do not have to join to be given hints about form filling or ways to save money, their guidance on some subjects is free and for many people that is enough.

Just thought I would give the other view, BTW I do not work with or for them!


Yes I go on the site for free


My brother just text me saying that it has just been on the radio about a website called , it is meant to give free advice, you can download forms and it tells you how to fill them in . It's good to hear that this is still in the news after the news a couple of weeks ago about the government stopping reassessments for chronically ill people.


Please be aware that only those with chronic illnesses who are placed in the support group will not be reassessed. All those with chronic illnesses who were previously place in the support group are now largely being found fit for work when reassessed, so they are trying to remove as many people off the support group as possible before this government pledge comes into force.

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Dear maurice1,

I’m sorry to hear that you didn’t find membership of Benefits & Work helpful.

Many of our members have used their guides and found them very helpful for completing their applications.

LUPUS UK have a professional membership with Benefits & Work which allows us to provide these guides free-of-charge to any members of our charity. You can learn more about this at


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