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hi .I Have been awarded esa for 365 days Have been put in wrag group I am 61 this year and for many years thpught that I would retire at 60 .So now I will not retire till 2015. Have lupus for 13y plus many more conditions . What happens when you GO into wrag group are you then given a medical . as I was not given one when I was put in esa/wrag Have at moment DLA hope that I have explained it okay. as I cant understand it Have brain fogg at the best of times Paper work for me just seems to shut down the gates

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Hi corrie4, I think you shud appeal their decision, get someone to help you, gather as much evidence as you can, a lot of appeals are successful, I'm sure with the right help you will be put in the support group. Ask Paul to forward the ESA criteria guides and have a good read through, because we have a flucuating disease it is vital that we get the help we need, good luck!


hi I was put in a wrag group I appealed against decision took six months now in support group for 2 years I think system is crazy my condition like most us never get better but want me back for medical after two years I did write say can you not bring me back in as condition only get worse plus age etc not noth jobs young and fit good luck corrie but appeal right away dont leave

to long after month get harder


rec eived cop of remy letter from doc basicaly mm bloods are okay lupus stable . Pain in hip fibro in nature still struglling to get medic records I look back to the last 13 years and say that i should have parked my bed out siide docs door and give them a day to day report on this is how s...t ifeel


I'm in the same boat was put into the wrag group even though they have decided I will never be able to work (their words) so I've appealed but still waiting (7 months) for decision waiting for my next work related appointment as I have to have these every 6 months luckily do it over the phone as I would not be able to get into their offices I think a lot of people are in the same situation but it baffled me why they put me in his group when they stated I would never work again baffles me


sorry maybe I didnt explain . IF i go into wrag group will they then give me medical for not fit to work. as not fit to do paperwork at moment



I too get DLA and have been placed in the WRAG for 365 days without a medical. The jobcentre don't know what to do with me and told me to appeal. I've appealed and they said that unfortunately as I don't meet the strict criteria they cannot place me in the support group. They basically said they they know I'm ill and won't be able to return to work but as i'm not a danger to anyone else (they don't care about your safety), I'm not pregnant and not terminally ill, they can't (well won't) do anything. As I have a husband who works I will get no money soon and my DLA will also be up for renewal at the same time. It is very stressful but hopefully you will be successful in your appeal as some others have.

You have no choice but to go into the WRAG group while appealing in order to get the money your are entitled to. They said that my case was decided 'on scrutiny', whatever that means, so I didn't need a medical. In the WRAG group, they will send you an appointment to go for an interview at the jobcentre and they will go through your condition etc. They did this with me but have just followed them up with telephone interviews, as I think the advisors also know that people are on ESA because they are too sick for work.

Please try not to worry. It may be that you will go onto income related ESA after 12 months if you are eligible.

Best of luck, Lupo30


hi just had phone call file from hosp on its way from hospital my pal picking it up


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