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Stopping esa assessment in the news

Hi everyone has anyone heard anymore about the criteria for stopping reassessment for chronically ill patients claiming esa following the comments in the news last week . I heard that MS is one illness that has been mentioned and that is a chronic autoimmune disease with many similarities to lupus so maybe lupus will be included, let's all keep our fingers crossed x

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It is almost certainly a sound-bite to go along with the Tory conference - they are busy trying to re-brand themselves as the nice and friendly party to do the right thing for the hardworking man in the street...

Just wait and see.

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At the moment it remains unclear how this will be implemented and if people with lupus will be included. We hope that the DWP will be engaging with charities as well as health professionals in developing the details. We'll post about any further developments when we hear them.


I hope they do take charities thoughts into account as it is a tricky one.

Whilst people have lupus/ms/sjogrens and all the other illnesses we are all still unique and some are able to work whilst it is impossible for others.

Look forward to any developments that you hear.


I think anyone who has to take immunosuppressant drugs should not work due to the risk of infection , last time I worked there was a virus going around at work , I was sent home from work at 3pm one Sunday afternoon by the supervisor who said I didn't look well at all , 12 hours later at 3am Monday morning my family were phoned to come back to the hospital as they didn't think I was going to make it , I was in intensive care with meningitis. On other occasions whilst working I ended up in hospital with severe flares and needing chemotherapy. I have organ damage due to level 3 lupus nephritis, lupus with organ damage and the need to be on immunosuppressant therapy is described as severe to life threatening lupus yet I have just had my esa stopped after being given zero points at an assessment , like most people on here I have other health problems aswell all as a result of 14 years having lupus . I was put in the support group 4 years ago , declared unfit for work, now 4 years later been declared fit for work despite having the same illness plus more .


I would love them to consider the self employed with this too, I'm lucky i can adjust my hours with my husband to suit how I'm coping. But I would guess long term I may struggle and I don't get sick pay as self Employed or Any of this help with aids at work.


Hi all, yeah the issue was on BBC News tv last Wk. I've found a relevant article fr their website


Hi , yeah seen it but haven't heard anything else since , nothing yet saying which illness will be included, it's not all conditions there are going to be criteria, I didn't hear anything about it being brought up at the conservative party conference as they said it would be .


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