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extra money

Just wondering how other people suffering with lupus deals with money issues... money is one of the main stress factor of my life which makes my illness worse, but unfortunately the government is taking forever with my PIP and constantly refusing me. My health is only getting worse and im struggling alot to go to work, I only work 20 hours a week so i take home just over £500 a month.. I do live with my partner which he pays for all the house bills, i still pay him £100 rent as i have my own bills to pay for (CAR) and getting food.

I have no idea what else i can do at home to try and get a little bit of extra money, im not a crafty person one bit, quite rubbish with that sort of stuff..

Any ideas would be greatfull... x

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Hi Leanne

Contact Citizens Advice who will help you with Pip claim, chasing the result and any appeal that may be needed. They will also run a benefits check to see if you could have any other help and help you claim. X


I'm so very sorry that you are in this position. As misty has said, CAB can help, and I had wonderful help from a Welfare Rights Advisor from my council - I doubt I would have got the PIP I've just heard I'm getting, without her.

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