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Flare up & fed up

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Hi I've not had a good day been off work since june had a meeting with manager & hr dept. They said that they want me to see occupational health which is fine with me . Then they dropped the bombshell about my pay they said they sent me a letter at beginning of Sept not recived it Im only getting half of my pay at end of month .I don't know how we can manage on half my salary feel very fed up & think I need to go back to work but how can I I'm always tired some days I feel like hibernating &hoping I never wake up .

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@charmaineholmes really sorry to hear that. Did your work place know of your condition before employing you? If so you have rights. If you are in a union have a chat with your rep. I was off work from last year september 2014 up until March 2015 with full pay. I gave Lupus and i was suffering from viral infections. You do have rights. Please stay strong. There is help and support out there. X

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Hi work did know I was open and honest when I had interview. I'm in the union but yesterday he didn't turn up so someone stood in for him but he sat through the meeting not saying a word on his laptop so they are no help .x

Hi Charmaine , I'm not an ezoert but have just gone through this too. you need a copy of the original letter and a copy of the company sick pay agreement / procedure. Lupus is is covered under disability and there is a leaflet on this site for some guidance. Also you need to apply for Statutory sick pay and ESA.

Hi they gave me a copy of letter which states I get half pay as u have been working just over 2 yrs they said that the company will pay this till December then it's no pay . Can i claim ssp when company is still paying something to me ? X

After my wage dropped, SSP made up the difference and then I went onto ESA.

Thanks I phone on Monday x

Have you applied for PIP and a blue badge?

When I was ill 5 yrs ago I put a claim but got refused for both & I was physically worse then than at the moment .

Citizens Advice and DIAL would help with your application. Always worth trying again

Ok I check out on Monday but I thought pip was if you are not employed as I'm still employed as such just off ill since june .x

PIP is about helping you maintain your independence. It's not linked to any other income and you can be in full time employment and get it.

Ok thanks x

Hi Charmaine

Sorry your having problems with your health and work.

My advice to you would be to go to your local Citizens Advice Bureau who will help you deal with Occupational Health. They have employment advisors who can tell you if your workplace can suddenly drop your salary or not and run a benefits check to see what other help you could get and help you claim. Good luckX

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