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Skin redness after shower getting worse

Skin redness after shower getting worse


I am not sure what is going on with my skin but it is getting worse. I do have mild seborrheic dermatitis centrally on my nose and chin probably triggered by cold weather and insufficient moisturizing. But this redness is different.

I thought it might be rosacea but it is all over my body in patches including legs arms body chest neck, not just face. It is also not triggered by hot drinks, wine, spicy food or sunlight like rosacea seems to be. Just showers and occasionally I get pink cheeks under high stress such as getting biopsies by my gynaecologist...I think I can be forgiven that lol!

The redness fades within 30 to 60 mins of my shower. I do not have the water excessively hot. I have had trouble regulating my temperature this winter, finding it difficult to get warm leading up to my flare in August which was most intense for 2 wks and since has stabilised.

I have uploaded a pic. In some areas on my body it looks like uniform redness, like on my face, and in other areas it looks like a spotty rash, blotchiness, others 5psize red flat spots, and some tiny pinprick size blood spots.

I have no diagnoses yet except lichen sclerosus and a positive ANA. I am seeing a rheumatologist in the near future and just want to be as informed as possible for that appointment.

Thanks for any insights you can share!

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