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Saga update PIP Assessment postponed

Hi all

You must be tired of this saga, I know I am.PIP supposed to be friday 10.30 - 12. Appointment came through for AIH review with liver doc, never seen one! on Friday at 1. PIP wont commit to 10.30 so cancelled to 23rd same time!

Barium swallow went ok except for Adolf the radiographer who despite told I have Menieres/balance issues, barked orders and jerked platform I was on without warning. Pillock. Joins lengthening list of NHS pillocks I have known and ... disliked!

Still awaiting results from Manchester Royal appointment in May, no rush, AHEM!

Went for appoint at local hospital dental department. I have two remaining upper teeth that need out. Both awkward, my dentist not fancy it so ref for sedation. Bullied again, by bright young pillock, into no sedation. I told her I was quite calm but now a further 6-8 weeks worried about no sedation = stress. Give it a go she said like I was wondering if I should taste Manure ice cream! I honestly am close to loosing it. No doubt dry mouth cause crumbling of my teeth.

If you insist on sedation you will wait 6-8 weeks for referral to city hosp then 6-8 weeks for appointment and anaesethist would probably refuse you because of all the things wrong with you. Unquote

So, not a lot further on. Think I have more symptoms of maybe adrenal ptoblems but loath to raise them, like many of us as they dont want to do anything now with what I have got!.

Ok different tack if you want to see an attraction and you live near Bristol, go see ss Great Britain. I have never been to a more disability friendly attraction. I could go wherever everyone else went. Brilliant. Except climb the rigging, but they have plans in hand for that! Adrenaline junkies take note. Well done ss Great Britain Trust.

Back to the wait. Sorry but I will up date when something actually happens. Just wanted to tell those mates who had Friday circled for me, to relax until later

Much love, painlessness and quiet to you all


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Well said FG!

Feel better 😅?

You do have the patience of a 👼🏼, good work! Hang in there!



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Thanks so much



Hi Footygirl

Hope you get your results soon, sorry your having a tough time with it all!. You could chase Manchester Royal ones if you've the energy by ringing the Rheumy Sec.

Three cheers for ss Great Britain being so disabled friendly!. You could have started a thread, forum members could contribute any disabled friendly attractions they've visited this summer and a list could be compiled. Good idea?.

Good luck for Pip on 23rd, shame that had to be delayed as it's hanging over you.👌🏻X

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Thanks for the tips guru. I will chase up report at MRI and I have posted as you suggested.



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GRRRREAT update, dear footy 🌟⚽️🌟⚽️🌟⚽️🌟⚽️

Glad you're not letting the b******* get you down 👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏

HURRAH for the SSGB‼️‼️‼️‼️

And 🍀🍀🍀🍀 on the 23rd


And please keep posting these wonderful updates: your way of telling it like it is inspires me BIGTIME 😘


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Thanks coco. It is gurus like you that inspire me!

Such great support!


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Thanks for the update Footygirl and there I was waiting for Friday. I am so sorry that it clashes but it gives you a bit more time to prepare, if not already rehearsed it over and over. Duely noted in my mobile calendar for 23rd, will expect update.

You have the euro's to keep you going, hope it's a good one.

We lost our manager, hoping for Pellagreni (don't know,how to spell it) I would except him, he was stabbed in back at MCFC.

Take care and thinking of you for appointment, keep strong girl.

Love Nicola. X⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️


Just letting you know have had trouble logging in with my username it was using a very old username and went to input my noonoo56 and it won't allow it even though it's mine. So now I am noonoo57

Take care 😜


Just like the sauce, Beanz meanz heinz. 57 varieties!

Sorry, gone off on one!

Hope you get your manager soon.

Gritting my tooth for 23rd.

Thanks for your support



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