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Having a bad day

Hi folks ,

Wasn't having too bad a day untill I had to phone doctors as there was a problem with my managed repeat prescription when I went to pick it up from chemist.well had to speak to receptionist first obviously, which turned into arguement.came off phone and felt like crying.was hurting physically and emotionally today anyway but was getting through the day.then this lady was trying to make things so much more complicated than they needed to be.finally I said can i speak to fix or make app.made a phone app.for tomorrow anytime of day. Came off phone tripped over my son's bike banged my head on the cupboard door and 5 mins later doc phones me saying prescription fixed and thinks mid communication with me n receptionist.aaaaarrrrrrrgh !

Sorry folks for my rant but needed to let it out.

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I can sympathise entirely. Our rural dispensary now seems to be having difficulty in getting basic medicines. In my case essential eye drops. I have to go into town to get them, but I can't drive anymore so am constantly asking friends ..... They are getting pretty fed up. Pharmacist in the village has a theory the government are trying to run down outlying practices and adjoining pharmacies, I wouldn't be surprised. I and many others would be completely stuck.


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Sorry for your upset! What is it with docs. receptionists? Do you think they have to have lessons in awkwardness - or are they just born that way?

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