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Hi all nice guy moved in up the road about 6 months ago always chat to him, he has a few problems. As he walks down the road he stops gets half a bottle of whiskey out of his pocket takes a couple of swigs on it and puts it away. A couple of weeks ago I saw him he is totally yellow and bloated.told me he was going into hospital that day so they could sort him out.i have not seen him for a while until today.he said he had done his liver in and spent a week in hospital getting sorted. As I watched him walk down the road he pulled the bottle out of his pocket and started drinking.my point is man trying to drink himself to death gets taken into hospital I have an illness I don't want sit at home on 16 tablets aday putting eye drops in my eyes 5 times a day waiting for blood test results referrals to specialists etc.sorry about the moan just don't get it.Alan

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  • He's got a recognisable illness, you don't. You WILL get there. And you won't have to have a liver transplant anytime soon, as your neighbour seems to need. Stay strong.

  • Yes see what u are saying purpletop and u are right just having a bad day,so much want to be the old me out laying bricks on a building site having a laugh with my mates thanks Alan

  • Course you do, I know. Try not to think in terms of what you cannot do anymore but what you still can.

  • Thanks purpletop I love the people on this site they always help me not to c the negative

  • im like that alan, one of my neighbours said accusingly how come u have a walking stick/crutches one day and you dont the next so i explained and then the other one next door piped up i had had that fibro your talking about but its gone now .... i just raise my eyebrows and walk past ggggrrrr

  • People that visit me see sticks but so far, barring when i seriously pulled my back, i have managed to do without them out of doors. People just dont see me on my really bad days unless they happen to visit at this time.

    Its silly really, but there is a bit of me that feels i would be making myself appear more vulnerable and therefore potentially less safe if i were to venture out with an aid. So if its not possible at the time i dont do it.

    For someone to rely so heavily on alcohol there will be other underlying factors that he chooses to keep hidden.

  • Frustrating illnesses we have kittykat yesterday spent most of the day in bed exhausted , today I have managed to walk the dog a couple of times .no 2 days the same ,I suppose that's why u get so down with it. Can't see me laying bricks any time soon though .thanks , Alan

  • Hi Alan,

    Must be something in the air this week.... I understand where you coming from, purple top sums it up nicely. You can moan away here, we all understand your frustration - were all on different parts of our journey, seems a battle sometimes not just in our daily lives, but the battle of diagnosis and getting the help we need. The are always better days ahead. Sending well wishes

  • Thanks Jo every reply I get helps me and I know purpletop is right ,as u say 1day at a time keep well Alan

  • Personally people like this infuriates me as they have been told the harm they are doing yet take no notice these people dont put a value to thier life like all the ill people do the difference is compared to us this guy has a problem a habit even that he cant control and that he brought on whereas we had no choice with lupus it came all by itself without due warning do you think us lot choose and try to love this illness like the guy loves his drink no way we dont we value life now that we have this illness and unfortunately this guy seems he wont value his life until it becomes to late we all have a limit and lupus crossed my limit privileges used to come easy but now I dont pick or choose what I do lupus does for me as I have to think twice about something I do hope this guy does get help I blame it on nhs who dont give internal support to what this guy uses his drink for is he depressed I dont no hope he gets help


  • I think u r right Afia he is sick you only have to look at the George Best story to realise there is an illness involved somewhere but seems drs repair liver etc rather than treat what is causing this nice person to do this to himself. Thanks ,Alan

  • You are strong ! Remember you fight every day you DONT give in !

  • Thank kazp now dr saying have high blood cell count and cannot get it down going to email a blood specialist for ideas .have you got any ideas? Thanks Alan

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