really bad day !!!!!

what a shitty day ive had ! had my ESA stopped cos it was contribution based and they have me in the work related group ! as if i can hold down a job any more ! can barely get out of bed some days !! so took myself off to G.P. to ask him for a letter to support my appeal to change from the WRAG to the support group and he gives me a sick note for 8wks !!!!!!!! W.T.F. ???? have come to the conclusion that in order to get help for anything from anyone you have to have no arms or legs and months to live !! ( no offence to anyone) or better still an alcoholic or drug abuser !! w what the bloody hell do we have to do just to get a measly paltry handout from the DWP that lets face it we are entitled to, when we have worked 30yrs and paid into the system all that time !!!!!!! RANT OVER !!! sorry to moan

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  • Hi Norma, they should just transfer you over to income based ESA, why have they stopped it all together, what did they say?

  • hah because my partner is "lucky" enough to be in a low income job i dont qualify for income based !!! the reply i got was basically " its up to your partner to keep you now " !!!!!!!!!!! lucky him . .. .. . . and me !! (fume) !!

  • that is awful news for you, it is stripping you from the little independence you get with Lupus. I havent heard of anyone being placed into the support group this year with any illness...I know it is frustrating but a lot of people win on appeal...the system stinks. Good Luck

  • Yep I've been told exactly the same so annoying when I've worked up until 3 years ago when had to give up

  • same happened to me its a joke

  • I contacted DDA and they stated that I needed a sick note from my GP, I couldn't understand this as I had been retired from work with sick health and the inability to work again.

    I am beginning to realise that the hoops they make us jump through are becoming even harder to achieve.

    Hope your day improves Norma jean.

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